Content Writing vs Copy Writing: The Differences

Last Updated on December 1, 2022

Content Writing vs Copy Writing

Digital marketing includes the generation of content as a key component. It’s also well known that until you produce content, users won’t find your company when they browse the internet. All effective digital marketing initiatives, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, and social media marketing (SMM), are driven by content. Each piece of content represents a fresh chance for your company to interact with potential clients.

However, not all methods of content generation are the same. In addition to copywriting, there is content writing. Although both are employed in digital marketing initiatives, their objectives could hardly be more dissimilar. If you plan to use digital marketing to advertise your company, you need to become familiar with the subtle differences between content writing and copywriting.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing aims to enlighten, educate, instruct, or entertain people rather than trying to sell something, whether through marketing or advertising. Longer content types like blog posts, eBooks, white papers, in-depth sales copy, and reports are typical.

It’s common to think of content writing as a more complex and accomplished kind of copywriting. The content writer must have in-depth understanding of SEO, editing, and proofreading as well as best practises for content.

In contrast to copywriting, which typically fills in the gaps and produces brief, snappy copy for immediate use, content writing frequently forms part of a longer-term content strategy.

In addition, content writing tends to be more time-consuming, more research-intensive, and thought-provoking than action-oriented.

Examples of content writing include:

• Blog posts.

• E-books.

• Tutorials.

• Email newsletters.

• News articles.

• Evergreen articles.

• Case studies.

• Social media posts.

What Is Copywriting?

Writing copy to increase brand exposure, convince an audience to perform certain activities, or otherwise immediately engage with a customer is known as copywriting. It is frequently used exclusively for marketing or advertising, with the ultimate objective of selling something.

Short-form content, such as a social media post, digital commercial, or business update, is often called copywriting. Copywriting includes composing things like headlines, slogans, taglines, advertising text, and landing page content.

Copywriting typically aims to have an immediate impact by swiftly grabbing readers’ attention and persuading them to act.

Examples of copywriting include:

• PPC landing pages.

• PPC ads.

• Cost-per-mille (CPM) ads.

• Social media ads.

• Product pages.

• Website sales copy.

• Sales emails.

• Short Message Service (SMS) ads.

4 Key Differences Between Content Writing and Copy Writing

If you’ve heard the terms “content writing” and “copywriting,” you’ve probably wondered if they refer to the same thing. Indeed, copywriters and content writers both create words for businesses for certain purposes, and the two sometimes cross over. But there are significant differences between content writing and copywriting.


You should think about the objective of a new piece of content before producing it for a digital marketing campaign. The main distinction between content writing and copywriting is purpose. While copywriting is meant to persuade, content writing is meant to inform or amuse.

Because they want to persuade readers to act, most text advertising include copywriting. Businesses utilise text advertising to nudge potential customers to act, whether on Google, Bing, Facebook, or any other website. On the other hand, writing content is a major component of most organic website content. Organic website material must be written since it must provide viewers with nonprofit value through amusement and education.


The length of copywriting is often short, although the length of content writing might vary. Copywriting has a tendency to be succinct and free of tangents because it guides the reader through a sales process. Contrarily, content writing has the potential to be much longer and to lead to several diversions.  Depending on the topic, you may need to use anywhere from 500 to 2,500 words.

Although content authoring is mostly focused on nonprofit value, brief bits of material can nevertheless be entertaining or instructional. A piece of content won’t be of much use to readers if it is too brief. Content that is longer tends to be more beneficial to readers.


While you should make an effort to reduce grammar problems in all of your content creation tasks, content writing is where this is particularly crucial. Grammar mistakes force readers to stop thinking and force readers to stop reading. Readers will probably pause to consider the grammar issue, whether it’s a dangling modifier or a missing period at the conclusion of a phrase. After that, some readers might stop reading the content altogether.

Effective copywriting does not necessitate flawless grammar. Contrarily, utilising an incomplete statement as opposed to one that is technically accurate may help you convince more readers to take action. The majority of internet advertising platforms also have a limit on the number of words that can be used in text ads.

You might need to shorten your text ad by eliminating superfluous words or punctuation in order to keep under this restriction. Just keep in mind to adhere to the rules of the advertising platform and maintain coherence and readability in your text adverts.


Any piece of high-quality content, whether it was written as content or as copy, can score well in the search results if it is pertinent to the search query. However, content writing far beats copywriting in terms of SEO. If you develop your website using content writing, it will achieve higher search ranks and receive more search visitors.

For a number of reasons, content authoring is superior to copywriting for SEO. It first provides readers with a lot of value. Second, it doesn’t indicate a desire to make money. Instead, content writing is completely informative, which makes people happy to read and share it. The lengthier length of content writing is another factor that makes it beneficial for SEO. Compared to short-form material, long-form content typically ranks for more keywords. More views are attracted, which typically results in more backlinks.

Do You Need a Separate Copywriter and Content writer?

In a nutshell, it depends on the person and the company. Some writers simply create content or copy, whilst others are successful at doing both.

It’s crucial to click with someone and feel like they “understand” you and your business’ writing needs while looking for a freelance writer to assist it. Discover freelancers and their work to get the ideal option for your demands. This might be one person or different persons for each type of writing.

Every writer has their own core style, so it’s important to learn what this is to determine whether it fits with your brand. While the majority of copywriters and content writers can alter their writing to suit various company tones of voice, every writer has their own fundamental style.

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