toxic productiviy

Toxic Productivity Amongst Freelancers and How To Deal With It

Toxic productivity occurs when productivity declines. That is, it happens when you stick to constant productivity far beyond your realistic expectations. And freelancers relate so well to this. Here are some signs of toxic productivity, how to deal with it and new steps to take to foster healthy productivity.

High Paying Freelance Writing Niche

7 High Paying Freelance Writing Niche

When you start freelancing, the first thing you should do is find your niche. Simply put, having a niche means being an expert in a particular field. This is the secret to success as a freelancer. Here are 7 high-paying freelance writing niches you can venture into.

Who is a Freelancer

Who is a Freelancer?

The global freelancing market has grown substantially in size and scope since the internet era. For people who wish to


What Does Freelance Mean?

The term “freelance” refers to contract labour done by an individual who does a variety of jobs for a variety

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