Is Content Truly King?

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

The message is loud and clear: content is king! Everyone wants a piece of the content marketing pie, and companies from every industry are creating content daily.

Bill Gates invented the phrase “content is king” in a January 1996 piece on Microsoft’s website. Gates argued in the piece that content is where the money will be made. “Content, like broadcasting, is where I expect much of the real money to be made on the Internet.” Content, without a doubt, drives the Internet, while many still dispute if it is truly king.

Is it, then, truly king? In a nutshell, sure! Fortunately, this piece will provide you with a longer, more complete response.

The Meaning of “Content is King”

So, why is it that everyone thinks content is king? Basically, without it, there is no internet. Everything you see on the internet from Google to YouTube to social media, and so on, is content and we use it in the running of our daily lives today whether we know it or not. So in a way, you can say the people who create the content are actually in control.

In terms of what Bill Gates said about making money around content, most businesses use content and content marketing to reach their target audience and customers. Without it, you won’t be able to engage with your customers on the kind of deep level that you can now.

If you want to be successful in marketing your products or services these days, you must create exceptional content. The fact that content marketing is primarily focused on the customer rather than marketing or the firm has helped it gain popularity. This draws in more individuals and encourages them to participate.

We’ll go over some of the reasons why content marketing is so successful and why the saying “content is king” still holds in a minute. But first…

What is Content Marketing?

The notion of content marketing is simple. It’s a marketing approach that emphasizes the creation and distribution of consistent, relevant information.

This content is useful and engaging, allowing you to retain current consumers while also reaching out to a large, new audience. However, creating content that people want to connect with isn’t always straightforward. It must be advantageous to them in some way.

Of course, the content must be consistent and relevant. We talk about consistency all the time because it is the key to success. Of course, this is in addition to other criteria such as value and quality.

That being said,

Not All Content Can Wear the Crown

Content that is poorly written is a waste of everyone’s time. There is absolutely no SEO value in the long run. It’s difficult to read, won’t be respected, shared, linked to, and won’t generate leads.

Content containing grammatical blunders, misleading statements, irrelevant things or keyword-stuffed can all be included on the “Types of Bad Content” list.

While bad content may not necessarily affect organic rankings or conversion rate significantly, it will affect your credibility and you don’t want to exude carelessness and ignorance to your customers. So if you are going to spend time creating and putting out content for yourself or your company, make it good!

Why Good Content Is and Always Will Be King

Let’s talk about why good content reigns supreme and will continue to do so for many years to come.

It Builds Relationships With Customers

High-quality content helps to develop a brand’s reputation and trust, resulting in greater sales. New customers are attracted to it, and existing customers are kept delighted. Customers who return are a company’s driving force, and they’re wonderful for increasing brand loyalty and distributing positive evaluations – a nice side effect of the ‘content is king’ approach.

Customers will become devoted brand advocates and sales will increase if you provide them with valuable content. However, saying it is easier than doing it.

Here are a few examples of the kind of material that might help you strengthen your client relationships.

i. How-to and step-by-step instructions
ii. Visual content that is both educational and promotional
iii. Comparisons of brands
iv. Blogs that are both entertaining and instructional

This type of material will entice consumers to buy and keep them coming back for more.

It Improves Brand Recognition

Your content can effectively woo your target audience. It is possible to make your audience love you, which will improve your chances of appearing on Google’s first page of search results.

Treat each piece of content as if it’s the only thing people will remember about your company. Create something truly worthwhile by optimizing photographs and prioritizing quality. In our fast-paced environment, this implies that news will spread quickly. People will talk about you, and your brand will become more well-known.

This will not happen immediately, but with effort and perseverance, it is possible.

It Lets Your Brand Offer Something Unique

Content reigns supreme because it allows you to provide your audience with something they’ve never seen before. Your unique value proposition is restricted to the products, services, and experience you provide after someone becomes a customer if you don’t have comprehensive content.

You will impress your readers if you provide them with original stuff. To do so, you must conduct research and gain a thorough understanding of your target audience and competition.

No King Can Rule Without his Queen

There are so many things that content has the potential to do for us but without engagement (The Queen), that is all it will ever be… potential. Audience engagement — especially, the interaction between audience members and the original content — enables new revenue sources by empowering the audience member to do more than merely consume the content.

Content and engagement are inextricably linked. You could have great material that is engaging, educational and attractive with the potential to generate leads and drive traffic. You could perform all the SEO best practices in the book on it so it can get delivered to the right people, at the right time and on the right platform. Yet all of that would not mean much, especially revenue-wise, without engagement.

It’s just like a bakery that produces great bread and this bread is in every store and supermarket in the city. It is super accessible, fresh and everything about it is just great but… no one buys it. Customers don’t engage with it. They see it, some may touch it, some may even sniff it but no one takes it to the counter to pay actual money for it.

The bakery has put out good content, great content in fact, but all the deliciousness is a waste if no one purchases the bread.

But if someone were to purchase the bread and they got to see just how great it was then proceed to tell all their friends and family about it. Perhaps they have a bit of a following on social media and they just happen to tell their followers about this great new bread they just tried. Before you know it, those people go to buy and try the bread and they tell their people and those people tell other people… boom! te bread becomes a sensation and the bakery makes some cool ‘dough’ (pun intended).

That’s exactly how content and engagement work together to give all the many advantages I have highlighted in this blog. All it takes is those few customers that would engage with the content, if it is good, it would work for you from that point on.


Some may want to argue that engagement is more important but it is quite clear that there can be no engagement (at least not positive engagement) if the content is subpar. So is content king? Meh not really. Is good content king? Absolutely!

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