10 Must-Have Social Media Management Tools

Last Updated on November 15, 2022

Social Media Management Tools

Numerous tools and pieces of software with features that might assist you with various facets of your social media strategy are available in the realm of social media marketing today. These tools also referred to as social media management tools, can help with social media creation, collaboration, planning, scheduling, sharing, analysis, and other tasks.

This blog post will explain social media management tools, how your team may use them, and 10 of the best ones now on the market.

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Let’s get cracking.

1. Buffer

Small businesses and individuals rely on Buffer, a user-friendly, efficient social media management platform, to help foster meaningful connections and achieve outcomes on social media.

It has a number of tools that assist team collaboration, easy landing pages, analytics, publishing, and interaction. Our goods are well thought out and thoroughly polished to aid social media teams and marketers in their work.

There is an unlimited free plan available, but the more powerful subscription options start at $6 per month per channel and include a 14-day free trial.

2. Hootsuite

A tool for managing and marketing on social media is called Hootsuite. You can control every part of your social media strategy using the dashboard and its features. Hootsuite offers a free plan that is suitable for small businesses even if there are subscription plans with additional features. You can schedule up to 30 social media posts in advance with the free plan.

With Hootsuite’s free subscription, you may also manage three different social media accounts from your dashboard. Finally, since just one person has access to the account, this solution is appropriate for small organisations.

Paid plans begin at $49 per month with a 30-day free trial if you want to use it for much more.

3. SproutSocial

One of the various tools for managing social media that helps with social listening, publishing, interaction, and analysis is SproutSocial. The programme automates the procedures of writing and sending personalised messages to leads, customers, and followers as well as posting pertinent material on social media platforms; all of this help frees up crucial time for social media managers.

To help you provide support to customers on social media when they want and need it, customer service options are available. With the help of Sprout Social, you may have a better understanding of your target audience, what they want from you on social media, and how to enhance your present strategy.

4. Sendible

Sendible is a social media management platform that is best suited for digital agencies seeking an all-inclusive solution with a customer relationship management system (CRM).

Similar to e-Auto clincher’s Post, Sendible’s Smart Queue function enables social media managers to reuse material. Use their Social Inbox and social listening capabilities to keep an eye on keywords, rival brands, and brand mentions. Sendible has a CRM system that enables users to engage with influencers and converse in real-time, despite the lack of an influencer search feature.

5. eClincher

As a social media management platform, eClincher promotes its dedication to providing users with round-the-clock customer service so they may strategize, optimise, and calculate ROI. With the aim of streamlining and saving users time, they put a lot of emphasis on the agility of their team to continuously enhance their tool for the demands of their clients.

What capabilities does their instrument offer, though? Like most of the products on this list, eClincher has a visual calendar, a cross-network social posting tool, a messaging inbox, and a publication queue. Additionally, it offers sentiment research and brand monitoring across social media, news, blogs, and more.

6. SocialPilot

With many of the apps in this category, you’ll have to shell out a hefty premium if you want to hand off social media administration to someone else within your company. However, the Small Team plan from SocialPilot starts at $50 a month and comes with two more team members who can handle up to 20 social media accounts.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, and even Tumblr are supported, despite SocialPilot’s user interface being on the plain side of things. The sidebar contains sections for managing your accounts and postings, accessing analytics or inboxes, arranging information from RSS feeds, setting up your team and clients, and even running adverts. There are all the capabilities you’d anticipate from a top-notch social network management app.

7. MeetEdgar

If you are looking for the ultimate social media content scheduling tool, MeetEdgar is the one for you!

MeetEdgar is the best social media autopilot available. It is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram, and it handles a lot of the labour-intensive tasks of modifying and publishing posts for various social media platforms on your behalf. However, this is merely a scheduling tool and not an analytics tool.

The degree to which MeetEdgar automates processes is what sets it apart. Any links you provide the app with will allow it to extract text and images that are suitable for quotes and then create updates to go along with them. Simply click Suggest Variations after pasting your link, and MeetEdgar will provide four different updates based on the content. Even better, it can reuse previously effective material by creating fresh iterations of previously successful changes. Thus, you can republish content without having it be a duplicate.

8. Hubspot

A set of social media management solutions within the Marketing Hub is called Hubspot Social Media Software. By giving priority to the social connections you value most across a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, the goal is to save time.

Numerous management tools are available, including those for creating and disseminating content, tracking mentions, and reporting to show not only engagement levels but also how these relate to actual business indicators.

You can use these tools in conjunction with a variety of other targeted marketing solutions because they are a part of the Hubspot Marketing Hub. As mentioned above, this entails not just keeping an eye on and managing your social media accounts, but also making sure that the effort you put into them yields some sort of quantifiable business return.

9. Zoho Social

With its comprehensive social media management platform, Zoho Social makes it easy to manage your brand on social media.

There is a publishing calendar tool provided so you can check which posts have been planned for posting in addition to managing numerous social media platforms. From a single dashboard, you can monitor your target keywords across conversations and enable team collaboration.

Additionally, Zoho Social offers a version designed especially for marketing agencies, which enables white labelling and brand and communications management for client lists.

You should anticipate being able to combine Zoho Social with other Zoho tools, such as Zoho Workspace, Zoho Campaigns, and Zoho CRM, despite the fact that it doesn’t offer many of the more advanced features that the other alternatives do.

10.  Agorapulse

Another dedicated social media management programme, Agorapulse, was created exclusively to assist businesses and agencies in posting and monitoring their posts on various social media platforms.

You may queue, reschedule, or bulk upload posts using a versatile scheduling mechanism. Additionally, a social inbox is available for keeping track of comments left on your posts, external mentions, and other essential messages. There is, of course, a reporting feature where you can access analytics on content and engagement data and download them as CSV or PPT files.

Agorapulse is also made to function with teams, allowing for the assignment of specific posts, comments, or other tasks to individual members.


Modern communication has become completely dependent on social media. You also need the appropriate tools if you want to use them efficiently. You can manage and evaluate your accounts with the aid of numerous apps and services.

Now that you know more about the platforms I’ve discussed, you may lessen some of the burdensome components of managing social media.

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