Blog vs YouTube: Which is More Profitable?

Last Updated on November 6, 2022

Blog vs YouTube

Some people claim that blogging is no longer relevant. People frequently claim that YouTube traffic doesn’t convert. Both of these claims are utterly false.

If done properly, YouTube and blogging may both be extremely lucrative and passive businesses. The answer to which one you should prioritise depends on you and your speciality (blog vs YouTube), even though you should typically be doing both.

Do you want to have a presence online but aren’t sure if a blog or a YouTube channel would be better for you to launch? Let’s compare YouTube with blogging in 2022 and discuss which one you ought to choose.

Which One Has Lower Competition for Your Niche?

There are many good videos in our field of SEO, however, there aren’t as many articles for some long-tail keywords. In order to better execute our content marketing plan, we have chosen to concentrate more on articles. We advise performing some basic keyword research to find keywords that you can produce content around if you’re trying to determine which one has less competition in your niche.

Which Platform Is Better Suited to Your Monetization Strategy?

One of the benefits of blogging is that you may edit the text at a later time if necessary. For instance, you can find that some content offers a fantastic opportunity to promote a recent affiliate offer that you came across. If this content had been written as an article, you could simply go back and insert a few links. However, if this information were in video format, it would be far more difficult or perhaps impossible to go back and edit the video to include the new affiliate offer.

You may choose which ad networks you want to use to monetize your traffic when you write on your own website, which is another advantage in terms of revenue generation. You must utilise Google Adsense on YouTube.

Does the Topic Benefit from Video? Blog vs YouTube

Because they benefit from graphics, some niches are best serviced by videos. Other times, text may convey a message just as effectively or perhaps better.

The Skills Required: Blog vs YouTube

Each of these platforms requires a somewhat distinct set of talents. Remember that you don’t have to have these talents as you read through them. You can learn these skills over time as you develop and advance.

For a blog, you will need the following skills:

Writing skills –  You must understand the fundamentals of writing, how to organise a post, and how to construct clear, grammatically accurate sentences. Once more, this is something you can learn through time or you can use tools to make it easier for you to do.

Basic photography skills – If necessary, take your own pictures. Alternatively, you can use stock images for specialised websites that don’t always require unique photography.

Basic graphic design skills – To help you develop logos, featured photos, Pinterest pin graphics, or any other social media designs you might need, you will need to have a very basic understanding of graphic design.

SEO knowledge –  To have a chance for your blog article to rank in Google Search or Pinterest Search, you will also need to know at least some very basic SEO. This is how to make sure that people see your blog entries and visit them.

For a YouTube channel, you will need the following skills:

Video recording skills – To get a high-quality video, you must learn how to correctly record a video, how to set up a decent background for your films, the fundamentals of lighting, and how to use your camera’s settings.

Video editing skills –  Then, in order to edit your videos, you will need to learn how to use an editing programme. You don’t have to be an expert editor or constantly employ professional transitions. Simple video editing will do quite nicely.

Basic photography skills – Since you’ll need to use images for your video thumbnails and any visuals you decide to include in your video, you’ll probably also need some photography skills for your YouTube channel.

Basic graphic design skills – It will be important to have a basic understanding of graphic design in order to produce captivating YouTube video thumbnails. Thumbnails are a crucial component of increasing the visibility of your videos because they are the first thing viewers see when they come across your content and they determine whether or not they click on it.

SEO knowledge –  Since YouTube functions as a search engine as well, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of SEO in order to rank on YouTube and increase the number of views on your videos.

Equipment You Need: Blog Vs Youtube

The equipment you need for a blog:

Laptop with an internet connection – All you need to start creating blog entries is a laptop and a reliable internet connection. Running a successful blog doesn’t necessarily require any additional physical equipment.

Camera (optional) –  Depending on the type of blog you operate and the subject matter you write about, a camera may not be necessary. Obviously, a good camera will be essential if the niche is one that requires a lot of visual content, like photography, gastronomy, or fashion. However, you can actually get away with utilising stock photographs in some of your blog posts for a lot of other topics.

The equipment you need for a YouTube channel: 

Good camera – When you launch a YouTube channel, a good camera is crucial because the platform depends heavily on video quality. You could start making films on your smartphone, but you’ll probably outgrow it quickly and need to spend money on a more appropriate camera.

Microphone (optional) –  Depending on how well your camera records audio or how frequently you need to record voiceovers for your videos, a separate microphone may not be necessary.

Laptop with an internet connection – You definitely need a laptop with a strong internet connection in order to start making videos for your YouTube channel. You’ll require it for video editing and uploading, especially if you record with a camera. You may edit and upload your videos from your phone if you record them on it.

Video editing software – A video editing programme is another thing that will be essentially necessary for a YouTube channel. Even the free versions of iMovie, Inshot, Videoleap, and Capcut are fairly basic options that you can use. Canva also has a free editor you may use (Canva’s free video editor), which looks incredibly beneficial for this, as I recently discovered. But in order to perform simple video editing, you will need some kind of programme.

Where Does Your Target Audience Hang Out?

You should think about where the individuals in your speciality congregate when contrasting blogging and Youtube. For instance, Instagram and YouTube are undoubtedly popular channels for your audience if you are in the fashion industry. Instagram is not the best site to be on, though, if your niche is SEO. The majority of SEOs search Facebook, YouTube, and Google for the material.

Having said that, you don’t always have to choose a platform in accordance with the norm. Due to the lack of competition, it can be a good idea to experiment with content creation on an underutilised platform.

Blog Vs Youtube Income

Depending on the monetization techniques you use, the amount of money you make from either your blog or your YouTube channel can vary substantially.

When comparing Google Adsense to a more expensive network like Mediavine, the RPM (or Rate Per Mille = Rate per 1000 sessions) is significantly lower when we are only discussing display advertisements.

Your RPM will vary based on your target market, the nation where the majority of your audience resides, how long they watch your video or read your blog article, etc.

Since every topic is so unique, it is challenging to determine an absolute average number for each blog or channel out there. But whereas a $5 RPM for Google Adsense is quite frequent, a $20–$30 RPM for Mediavine is far more likely.

Let’s imagine you have 50,000 pageviews each month on your Mediavine-monetized blog. Additionally, your YouTube channel receives 50,000 views and gets monetized with Google Adsense.

You would earn the following amounts from each:

  • 50 x $30 RPM times 50,000 blog pageviews equal $1,500.
  • 50 × $5 RPM times 50,000 YouTube views equal $250.

As you can see, there is a significant difference between the two in terms of the amount of money you may earn solely through display advertisements.

However, if you don’t just rely on showing adverts, both a blog and a YouTube channel can be quite lucrative. You will probably get a very good income from either of these if you employ the other monetising techniques mentioned above.

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