10 YouTube SEO Tools to Help Boost Your Rankings!

Last Updated on April 12, 2023

10 YouTube SEO Tools

It takes more than just producing video after video to increase your YouTube audience and video rankings. Focusing on quality rather than quantity will help you get better results. This will help you rank higher, take the top spot, and dramatically increase your video views and subscribers. You can also stop making subpar content that’s not going to reach anybody.

However, as anyone who has attempted to broaden their audience and increase video views on YouTube will attest, it isn’t simple. Fortunately, we’ve discovered 10 incredible YouTube SEO tools that will speed up your journey to a large and active YouTube audience.

1. TubeBuddy

A free Chrome addon called TubeBuddy connects to YouTube directly. To assist you in managing your channel, it displays keyword information, video metadata, video rank, and A/B testing.

This application is an advanced YouTube video optimizer. The title, description, tags, annotations, and cards are optimised in accordance with YouTube’s best practices for videos. Additionally, it highlights changes and notifies brands when YouTube users mention you.

When the tool is incorporated with YouTube, it offers useful information in every YouTube video you open. By retrieving any video’s tags, you may increase your organic reach and save a tonne of time compared to manually searching for the best fits within the allotted 500 characters. Free with restrictions. Paid plans are affordable, costing $9 per month.

2. Google Trends

On YouTube, success is only achieved by channels that post user-relevant and engaging content. You can find out how captivating your subject is to viewers using Google Trends. You can compare search requests for your topic and identify the most popular ones using Google Trends.

How do you utilise it? Enter the search term you’re interested in in the box. Enter an area, a category, and a time frame after that. The outcomes of the popularity dynamics for your inquiry will be visible. This YouTube ranking tool will also provide examples of other TA searches on your topic. It is important to note that the programme is open source and that users can post their findings on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

3. VidIQ

Using VidIQ is another approach to getting more people to see your videos. With the help of this YouTube ranking tool, you can instantly compare the content of your videos with that of your rivals to easily identify and fix any errors.

The software offers recommendations for your videos’ keywords, titles, and descriptions as well as analytics. You can set up email notifications that will inform you of the most significant occurrences pertaining to the subject of your channel. The utility is available in both free and paid editions.

4. YouTube Analytics

We believe that YouTube’s own recommendations are the best and most helpful. Every user has access to this YouTube programme for ranking videos. Every uploaded video’s statistics and those for the entire channel are tracked. It is essential for assessing your YouTube channels.

YouTube Analytics has numerous key aspects, including:

  • Overview. Here you can see the data for the key parameters.
  • Real-time data. Detailed Youtube channel statistics on the last five video interactions in the last 48 hours.
  • Income reports. Information about income from the channel and advertising efficiency. This data from your channel’s YouTube analytics will be displayed if you are connected to an affiliate network.
  • View time reports. Analytics shows how long a particular video has been viewed.
  • Engagement reports. There are two important points to be made here from YouTube statistics: the metric of “Subscribers” and engagement metrics: likes, comments, and reposts.

5. Keywordtool

Using the video SEO tool Keywordtool, you can identify subjects that might be of interest to your audience based on their possible search terms. The Term tool will present you with alternatives in the form of questions, prepositions, and even hashtags once you enter a keyword or high-level topic.

If you’ve ever searched for a video on YouTube, you’re aware that the site begins to propose terms and phrases as soon as you start typing.

Although it’s a fantastic tool for users, it’s also a really helpful tool for developers. In a manner similar to Google Trends, you can put your keyword or topic into the YouTube search bar and use the autosuggest results to uncover keywords you ought to use in your video’s title, tags, and description.

7. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

One of the biggest datasets of YouTube keywords may be found in Ahrefs Keywords Explorer. In order to determine how many people search for a particular term on YouTube each month, you can search for your keyword and find local and worldwide search volume, clicks, click percentage, and clickstream data. There are studies on keyword suggestions as well, which can help you come up with some excellent keywords or topics.

8. Rival IQ

With the use of Rival IQ’s YouTube analytics data, you can better understand your rivals and decide how to run your own channel to achieve better outcomes. With the help of Rival IQ, you can see how frequently your rivals publish new material as well as how much engagement, subscribers, views, comments, and other metrics their posts receive.

9. Google Keyword Planner

For content producers to find the ideal keywords to include in their content, Google offers a variety of free tools. The Google Keyword Planner is a great tool. You may access Google Keyword Planner from your Google Ads dashboard (you do not need to run ads to use it). It will help you choose the best keywords for Google searches, which you can then include in the titles and descriptions of your YouTube videos.

10. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is a clever tool that will assist you in choosing the most appropriate keywords for your movie. You can use this free tool to assess the keywords you’ve selected to make sure you’re utilising the ones that will help you rank higher. Type your term into UberSuggest and choose YouTube from the menu. The tool will analyse your term and give you useful information in a matter of seconds.

UberSuggest will inform you of the frequency of searches for the keyword. It will show whether your keyword is appropriate or not. Your video has a better chance of receiving views if a popular keyword is used in the search.

It will assess the competition to determine how many other YouTubers are focusing on the same phrase and give you a keyword difficulty rating.

Why YouTube Optimization Matters

Data indicates that over $4 billion in advertising revenue comes from YouTube. There is enough information available for content creators to understand YouTube’s potential. By optimising your videos, you can expand your audience and improve search engine visibility. It also increases the authority and credibility of your channel.

If you offer content, effective optimization could encourage businesses to contact you about promoting their goods. You can earn a sizable sum of money in return. Additionally, optimization helps you adhere to YouTube’s normal rules, preventing penalties.

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