6 Reasons You Need to Hire a Social Media Manager 

Last Updated on December 8, 2022

Hire a Social Media Manager 

Even while it’s excellent to have an already-employed employee help out with social media efforts, it’s ideal to hire a social media manager to handle these duties. This person can develop a strategic plan to help your company make the most of your social presence rather than publishing at random. The time you spend publishing to these channels may be a waste if you and your other staff have no experience with social media marketing. You can trust the time and money being invested in this area if you choose an expert.

Ask them to create a sample social media plan during the interview so you can understand what their vision is for your company. They ought to be knowledgeable about the greatest kinds of material to post on each network and how frequently to do so as seasoned social media marketers. This exercise will assist you in figuring out whether candidates understand your company, and how social media may improve customer service and increase revenue, to mention a few objectives.

What Do Social Media Managers Do? 

It’s simple to assume that you can manage your social media material on your own if you already utilise social media for personal purposes. But you can be wrong, especially if you don’t realise how much effort monitoring social media marketing requires.

Online company promotion is more challenging than using social media for personal purposes; it calls for discipline, planning, and in-depth familiarity with current trends and best practises.

The ability to comprehend these platforms and coordinate your marketing strategy with your business plan is a specialty of social media managers. They compile data on follower growth, engagement, and page performance; they develop objectives; they concentrate on branding and brand awareness; they make posting schedules; and they select material that is ideally aligned with the image and voice of your company. Additionally, social media managers create advertising campaigns, choose which posts to enhance, run advertisements, engage with followers, and do a tonne of other things.

Now that we understand what social media managers do, let us get into why you absolutely need to hire one.

1. The Social Landscape Is Always Changing

A social media manager can monitor algorithm adjustments and emerging platform trends in addition to modifying your strategy and content in light of fresh information.

A social media manager should also be open-minded about new platforms and think about the methods you should implement right now to succeed on those new platforms.

The same is true for updated functionality on a social media platform that already exists. Do you recall when Reels and Shops debuted on Instagram toward the end of last year? Did your team meet to discuss how to exploit the platform’s new areas to their fullest potential?

A social media manager who is observant of changes that are occurring or are about to occur and nimble enough to adjust campaign objectives and content with their customers can help them achieve their goals more successfully.

2. You Get Consistent Social Content

Nothing is more frustrating than looking up a business on social media only to discover that their page hasn’t been updated in a while. Consistent posting across all platforms is the top priority of a social media manager. In addition, they will be able to create material that will be more effectively received on each platform rather than simply posting the same message on every profile your company has.

Your social media following will grow if you post frequently. Regular blogging can be the change you need to make if you’re currently having trouble gaining new followers.

You’ll have yet another option to promote your company’s website by consistently providing social material. Sharing blog posts, special deals, and other links that direct followers back to your website can enable your new manager to achieve this. Consider it: posting on social media is another opportunity to persuade potential clients to check out what your company has to offer.

3. They Save You Time

You have several hats to wear in the business as a small business owner. You’re expected to squeak in time to SIT and work on social media stuff on top of everything else you have to do, like responding to emails, networking, and getting goods ready for shipping. You won’t believe it, but this issue is solvable. You will save so much time by employing a social media manager since they will work behind the scenes to create branded content that is tailored to your requirements. Additionally, they can arrange for the content to be published at the hours and on the days you specify.

4. They Can Boost Customer Relationships

In addition to other channels like customer relationship management (CRM) software, email, and voicemail, to name a few, it can be challenging to reply to clients on social media. You won’t run the risk of ignoring customers or responding to social media posts too slowly by hiring a social media manager.

Many business owners are unaware of the fact that social media may also be used as a tool for client management. Customers want your company to offer customer service on its social media platforms as well, even if you are unaware of this.

If you ignore consumer reviews on social media, you risk losing them as a client. 66% of customers reportedly ceased doing business with a company after receiving subpar customer care on social media, according to a Forbes article. You’ll probably see an increase in customer satisfaction if your social media manager engages with clients on a daily basis on social media. You can answer to clients promptly and take advantage of a great PR opportunity by using social media for customer support.

5. They Will Help You Grow Your Audience

A social media manager should have a person who is responsible for expanding their audience listed under their KPIs.

A September 2020 research found that 29% of respondents were motivated by social media to make a purchase the same day they used it, and 51% of respondents said that social media had some influence on their purchasing decisions. Consider your social media followers to be brand ambassadors who can help spread the word about the advantages of utilising your company’s products.

The credibility of your brand increases with the size of your audience. Additionally, there is an increase in brand trust. A huge social media following also boosts your “street cred,” which opens up more options for your brand.

6. Reporting & Tracking

You can enhance your current campaign by appointing a manager to handle all of your social media initiatives. However, a social media manager may also keep your brand flexible by modifying goals, ideas, or content if your existing initiatives aren’t yielding the best results.

A social media manager will keep an eye on their campaigns and optimise others as needed to make sure your money is being used wisely and your objectives are being achieved. They will examine campaigns over time and determine whether an approach is growing stale or whether the plan needs to be changed.

When reporting at the end of the month, this is really valuable because it will give documentation outlining what was done that month, how well it performed in comparison to previous months, and what should be done next.

If you didn’t have someone working nonstop on these initiatives, campaigns might not always be successful in the long run and might not inspire additional brilliant ideas.


Hopefully, it is now clear to you that employing a social media manager is the preferable option. An individual who can give their all to the strategy and objectives of your business will provide considerably greater results than having an intern or low-level staff submit material at random on your behalf.

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