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Last Updated on November 6, 2022

Do you remember when everyone on Instagram had the same kind of account by default? Things change swiftly and frequently in the social media world. At this point, the idea of everyone having the same kind of Instagram account type seems almost antiquated.

The various sorts of accounts on Instagram can be perplexing whether you’re a new user or have an account already. We appreciate there is a lot to keep track of, but if this is all new to you and you weren’t even aware that different account kinds existed, don’t panic. Instagram used to be just a silly tool for sharing selfies with duck faces and bad filters. It has developed into a full-fledged advertising platform with powerful marketing capabilities.

However, we’re here to simplify things for you whether you’re a company, business, influencer, or regular Instagram user trying to better your content. Let’s start out easy.

The three different account kinds on Instagram are Business, Creator, and Personal accounts, as we already mentioned.

Uncertain of where you belong? The creator account is generally used by celebrities, content creators, photographers, artists, and influencers. Retailers, small enterprises, brands, organisations, and service providers are the main users of business accounts. A personal account is a typical Instagram account. It’s the account that is automatically created for new users when they join up.

Let’s assume that you are prepared to switch from your Personal account to a Creator or Business account. They all have distinctive qualities and goals of their own, but there are more similarities than differences between them, which can make it difficult to choose which kind of account is best for you.

Instagram Business Account

Instagram Business Accounts are designed for organisations with a defined Instagram monetization plan. Some characteristics made available to business accounts need to aid the expansion of your company. Business accounts, for instance, can set up an Instagram Shop and conduct direct sales on the platform. Users can buy products immediately from these shoppable posts, which streamlines and shortens the conversion process.

However, commercial accounts have access to a wider range of call-to-action buttons, including those for scheduling an appointment, getting in touch with customer service, and making reservations.

Instagram business accounts also offer the ability for profiles to schedule their posts. Additionally, business accounts can be coupled with external systems that aid in streamlining specific Instagram operations. If you prefer manual posting, this option isn’t necessary.

Users of Instagram business accounts have the option to advertise on their posts, which can be crucial for companies trying to reach out to new customers. One of the finest ways to increase brand awareness and sales is through social media advertising.

These are practical and enhance the general clientele experience. But for me, the inability to use music created by recording artists is one of the biggest disadvantages. Due to copyright concerns, music with the name of the artist and song in the title won’t be accessible to Instagram business accounts.

Therefore, using your Instagram business account won’t allow you to make a tonne of Reels using popular music.

Instagram Creator Account

Instagram launched creator accounts in the middle of 2019 with the intention of serving the needs of content producers who might not necessarily run a business, such as personal brands and influencers. These accounts’ main goals are to develop brand alliances, and fan tribes (communities), disseminate material relevant to their industries, establish authority, and grow into significant opinion leaders.

The primary advantage of an Instagram creator account over a corporate account is the capacity to produce content for paid partnerships and collaborations. In order to market them and affect their audiences, content makers frequently collaborate with other brands.

In terms of analytics, creator accounts provide a wealth of information about the audience, and post-performance, and enable artists to comprehend how their material is received.

The ability to categorise messages into three separate folders—general, primary, and requests—is another great feature available to creator accounts. It’s a terrific method to organise communications and communicate directly.

Creators have unlimited access to music on Instagram, whereas commercial accounts have restrictions. Therefore, a creator account should be your decision if you want to develop Reels utilising the most recent trends.

The creator account appears to be more adaptable in general as it permits product labelling, stats sharing with the partners in paid partnership postings, and the ability to go private, which business accounts are not allowed to do.

Business vs Creator Account


In particular, creator accounts offer more precise options for describing your identity or what you do. These label choices frequently refer to the person themselves—writer, chef, artist, etc.

Business accounts, on the other hand, provide your account with professional industry-related designations like “advertising agency,” “sports team,” or “business centre.” They’re excellent for business accounts or for anyone speaking on behalf of a larger group than simply oneself.

For creators, narrowing your focus and locating your community can be accomplished by being particular with your category. Understanding your industry tells your audience what you can do for them when it comes to business accounts.

Call-to-actions (CTAs)

Instagram CTAs are located on your profile underneath your bio. Your CTA will appear next to it if you’ve enabled contact information on your account. The CTAs for Order food, Book now, and Reserve are used by business accounts.

A creator account, on the other hand, can only use the Book Now and Reserve CTAs. In the food and beverage industry, a business account can be the best option for you.


Your email address and phone number can be shared on both corporate and creator accounts. This provides prospective partners or clients with a simple method of contact.

However, only business accounts have the ability to add locations. This can be helpful for businesses that have a main office, a cafe, or any other type of official physical location. If you prefer DMs, you can conceal your contact information on either account.

Shoppable options 

One key distinction between business and creative profiles on Instagram relates to e-commerce: shoppable features.

You can tag shoppable items from brands with authorised access, as we already indicated. However, business accounts get access to Shop data, can tag shoppable items in posts and Stories, and can add a Shop to their profile. If your main goal for using Instagram is to sell things, a business account might be the best option for you.

So, should you choose a creator or business account?

My opinion is straightforward: if you run a business and want to use Instagram to increase sales, choose a business account so you can make shoppable posts and make sales from them. But if you don’t want to sell anything on Instagram, go with the creator account.

The biggest turnoff for me in business accounts is Reels’ inability to play music. Reels are essential to business expansion, and by forgoing their creation, brands, enterprises, and influencers limit their potential for expansion.

Whether you select a creative or business account actually relies on your Instagram strategy as a whole. As you can see, the essential elements are nearly identical; the variances may or may not be significant to you.

You will have the option to swap in the future if you want to stick with one or the other type of account now. You can alter this using your Instagram account’s settings. As a result, even if you select the creator account today and later decide to sell directly on Instagram, you will be able to adjust your type to align with your marketing plan and objectives.

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