Movie Review: A Madea Homecoming

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

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A Madea homecoming is a 2022 American comedy movie about family drama. Too many secrets behind closed doors are revealed and settled. It entails that family is everything you got as they fight for each other’s happiness.

In Atlanta…

Family members prepare for Tim’s graduation ceremony in Madea’s place. Mr.Brown doesn’t know how to use a barbecue so he put gasoline. Madea and Uncle Joe watch him, talking about what he’s doing and the impact of it in the garden. Madea told Uncle Joe to go and warn Brown before anything happen. Joe told Brown that he will create much fire with the amount of gasoline he was pouring but Brown didn’t listen. Joe leaves him to tell Madea that Brown went be on fire and boom he’s on fire.

Madea stands there saying he’s on fire then goes to help him with a glass of water. She only cared about the tree she planted. Brown fell and the fire was off. As they prepare for their grandson’s graduation party, Cora arrives with the groceries and Joe told her what happened to Brown and all that. Cora is happy that Brown is okay and the fire didn’t the church. Madea supports her by saying hallelujah, thank God that church didn’t burn down. Cora is happy that Madea is standing up for the church but Madea says that she doesn’t care about the church, it’s right next door to her favorite liquor store.

Cora says it’s time for them to start on this dinner then told Brown and uncle Joe to get the remaining groceries from the trunk of her car. While Uncle Joe and Brown set up the table and chairs outside, Laura arrives with her friend Sylvia. Apparently, Sylvia is a lawyer that helped Laura with her divorce. They go in to greet Madea and her mama Cora. Madea welcomes them and they discussed a lot more.

Tim and Davi arrive with Tim’s aunt Ellie. Ellie is a police uniform and she came wearing her uniform so uncle Joe tells her to take her uniform off. Talking about police, criminals, and law. Tim and Davi go to sit with uncle Joe while the rest remains in the kitchen preparing food. Uncle Joe thinks Davi is gay so he questions Davi as he gets comfortable.

Laura talks about inviting the ex-husband Richard because Tim wanted him there. Aunt Bam walks in and noticed Davi and started hitting on Davi but Joe tells her that he’s gay.

Agnes Brown and her daughter Catty arrive without no information that they were coming. Thinking Tim’s family is true Africa, Agnes greeted in Wakanda Forever, and Cora slams the door at her. Cora opens the door letting them in as everyone questioned them. They said there are here to surprise Davi as Davi walks into the room. Agnes asks “Why do you all look like you have your knickers in a bunch?” but everyone mishears “knickers” as “niggers“. She lifts her skirt to explain that “knickers” are underwear.

They go to dinner at Red Lobster and Cora gives Brown candy from Madea’s purse for his blood sugar levels. Madea tells Cora by reminiscing about her days as a stripper. Madea tries to show the restaurant is full of strippers by shouting “Broke Boys don’t deserve no Coochie”, where half of the women reply “I know that’s right”. Joe arrives wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirt and black from head to toe. He continues to attack Ellie over her police job.

Back at the house Tim’s father Richard has been waiting. They came back surprised to see him but were silent for a while. Richard exchanged greetings with them even though they weren’t cool with him. Madea warned them not to allow him near her but no one stopped him from going to greet her. Madea fires her gun as Richard touches her, making Joe defecate in his leather pants and Agnes scared that she intended on leaving the house.

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While washing the dishes, Laura shows concern about Davi as she talks to Agnes about Davi. Agnes told her that Davi has to return to Ireland after graduation. Agnes also invites Laura and her family to come to visit Davi at the farm. Laura felt sad to hear that because Davi never mentioned it to her. They gathered in the backyard in the evening to hear what Tim has to say and Richard was there.

Tim calls for their attention as he struggles to come out as gay. He finally said it and everyone said they already knew but wanted him to say it himself. In a heated moment, Richard said “Damn this family” as he comes out and says Sylvia and I are getting married. Sylvia reveals she has been secretly dating Richard. Laura was only focusing on her baby Time. Madea orders Richard and Sylvia to leave before she kills someone. Seeing Mr. Brown and Agnes acting strangely, Cora tells Madea she gave them candy from her purse.

Madea reveals it was marijuana. Mr. Brown thinks he can fly as he jumps off the roof in his underwear with a bed sheet cape and knocks himself out. Laura and Ellie are discussing Richard and Sylvia when Madea comes into the room to make Laura is okay. Madea starts telling a story about how her roommate Rose stole her boyfriend in 1955 and all about civil rights.

The next morning, Agnes comes in and apologizes to Madea about last night’s embarrassment. Madea is cool with her so Agnes asks Madea for more and Madea gave her. Madea also said that she will give her the recipe for the chocolate marijuana. At the barbecue, tensions rise when Richard and Sylvia come back to the house as no one except Tim wants them there. Davi fights with Richard and Richard hits Laura by accident. Davi calls Laura babe as he picks her up from the floor. Everyone heard it and was surprised why is Davi calling her babe. Davi reveals he has been seeing Laura and proposes to her. She declines.

Richard thinks it’s funny because Laura is older than Davi. He makes a remark about it but Laura puts him in his place. Laura tells Ellie of her confusion that Davi is returning to Ireland. Ellie questions the reason Laura declined Davi’s proposal. Tim rejects Davi’s apology. Madea tells Laura to feel okay about the drama and apologize, and convinces Tim to forgive Davi.

At the graduation, Tim rips up his prepared speech and speaks about his family. He talked about the drama that happened in his family and how he sees it then apologized to Davi and Laura, and credited all his family for their love and support. When he gives credit to his father Richard, Madea interrupts to insult Richard saying that he didn’t put a penny in his son so he doesn’t deserve to receive any credit.

The family congratulates Tim and Davi, Tim having told Davi he approves of his relationship with Laura. Davi proposes again to Laura and she said yes. Agnes gives him her blessing, revealing that his grandfather need not know as he’s in prison for sleeping with a sheep in a hotel. Agnes and Cathy prepare to return to Ireland so she says goodbye to Madea and invited her to come to Ireland. Madea says she can’t accept Agnes’ invitation to visit because “there is too much sand”, having confused Ireland with Iran the whole time.

This movie brings out the content of family, and how family supports each other in every aspect of life. It also enlightens the view of love and betrayal. One should be careful of who one lets in their life.

Watch A Madea Homecoming on Netflix.

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