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Last Updated on May 9, 2023

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That’s Amor is a 2022 Netflix original Romantic Comedy movie about Sofia’s struggling with love and being seen in her line of work.

On her 30th birthday, she tries to talk to her boss about a promotion and how she didn’t expect to be answering calls every day as she has dreams to fulfill. Her boss was rude, fired her, and told her that she shouldn’t expect much when working here. Sofia didn’t take it well so she packed her bags and left in a hurry.

She was sad and got home only to catch her boyfriend with another woman. Her birthday is a mess as she lost both her job and her boyfriend. In a hurry to leave the environment, she fell down the steps and fractured her ankle. She found her way to her mom’s house. Her mom, Lainie loves having her daughter around so she takes care of Sofia.

Lainie doesn’t want her daughter down all the time so she engages Sofia in a cooking class for couples (mother-daughter). Sofia doesn’t like the idea of cooking class but she agreed to do it cause of her mom. They reached the venue of the class and joined other couples making it a total of four couples. Guillermo, the chef of the class has a handsome nephew, Matias. Matias came for a visit from Spain and is aspiring to be a chef so he’s helping to teach the class.

Sofia carried out her frustration with what happened to her in making dishes but she quite love the class. Matias meet her afterward and they had a little talk then he escorted her to the car. Viviana and his family stood by the door to question him about capturing the heart of an American. Matias said he just escorted two students to the car and said you know I’m dating Irina. Viviana said yes and she’s dating half of Europe.

In the car, Lainie and Sofia were discussing Matias and how he seems. Sofia went to meet up with her best friend, Olivia at a bar where she told her what Richard did to her. Olivina hated Richard and said she wish she can break both of his legs. They laughed it out then Olivina asked Sofia why was she with him for so long. Sofia said she doesn’t know. She told Olivina how the cooking class went and she can’t stop thinking about it.

Matias was done with the chef’s dish and decided to hang out at the bar. He met Sofia there and they talk a bit before she left. The next morning, she is considering working for her master’s degree. Her mom was supportive of the decision and said that’s a commitment. Preparing for their next class, her mom had stomach cramps and couldn’t go so Sofia had to go alone. She and Matias had to pair up for the class. Matias encourages her while in the class that she can do anything.

After the cooking class, Matias made sangria for her to try out. He also taught her what goes with eating sangria and what it does to the five senses. Matias asked her what she does and she said graphic design. She explains what graphic design means and Matias said it’s the same with cooking so she is also a chef. They talk about their goals and what to become from them.

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Matias taught how to make some dishes and Guillermo supervise. They had fun while making the dishes and Viviana was happy that they are bonding. Sofia came home happy only to see Richard in their house. Her mom ask her to listen to what he had to say and she did. Richard and Sofia took a stroll outside where he said he was sorry for everything and wanted her back. He gave her a birthday gift and left. Sofia got home and opened the gift to see a necklace. Her mom said it’s pretty but Sofia said she doesn’t wear a necklace. Richard doesn’t even know that about her.

The next day, she met up with Olivina and told her what Richard did. She also thought about forgiving him because no one is perfect but Olivina told her if she does, he rides on her like she was worth nothing. Olivina also said you got a new guy wining and dining with you so move on. Sofia said, he was just being nice and nothing is going on. After their hang out, she gets home and dress up to go and met Matias.

She met Viviana and they hugged. Viviana told her, she’s looking pretty and her dress is lovely. Matias came out and they sat outside talking when Sofia came him the logo she worked on. Matias talks about Barcelona and how some words are pronounced in Spanish. He shows her around and they ended up together that night. She goes back home and told her mom how she feels. Her mom advises her to choose what she wants by herself.

They came for the cooking class only to see Richard sitting down there. Sofia walks up to him and asks him what he’s doing here. Richard said he will love to see her that’s why but Sofia told him to stop showing up at places like this. They get ready for cooking and Matias is dressed like a jotero (one that entertains people). While he was entertaining them and singing, he asks Sofia to dance with him. Just after the dance, Irina walks in and Matias left with her.

Sofia was sad for a while so after they left but Matias met her where they park their car. Matias tries to talk to Sofia about what they have but Sofia ends it. When she left, Richard came out from the corner mocking Matias. Matias didn’t say much and left.

Sofia starts to focus on her life, goes to aerobic dancing class, and applies for her master’s degree. She also returns the necklace to Richard and she also enjoys cooking now. Her mail came in and she got the degree in Madrid. She worries that her mom and she will be far apart but her mom assures her that she will be alright. In one of her aerobic dancing classes, she realized that her mom did everything on purpose to fix her. Her mom explains herself by telling her how she ended up with her dad. It wasn’t entirely easy for her too but she chose to be safe.

In her next cooking class, she bought wine to share with Matias thinking he will be around. She asked Viviana about Matias and Viviana said he was on his way back to Barcelona. Viviana also told Sofia how he ended up things with Irina. Sofia needs to catch up with him so Viviana helps her get to the airport just in time to meet him. She gets to the airport, found him, and told him how she really feels about him and told him that she got a degree in Madrid which is really close to him. She kisses him and Matias couldn’t leave as he was happy that she accepted him.

They held a party for those leaving but it was more like a surprise party for Sofia. It was really like a get-together where everyone had good fun and they wrote their wishes for the coming year. They will burn it in the fire and a couple of honor will jump over the fire for cleanses. Matias and Sofia jump while everyone claps then Lainie jumps only to see her formal lover. Sofia couldn’t stand her mom being alone so she calls for him. Party time as everyone hugs, kisses, and dances the night out.

This movie is better than the average Hallmark movie. It brings out the content of love, self-value, worth, and happiness. Happiness is by choice and putting effort to be committed to your goals. Our decision can be hard but with the right people around you, you can stand for yourself.

Watch That’s Amor on Netflix.

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