Movie Review: He’s All That

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

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He’s All That is a 2021 American teen romantic comedy movie about a girl, Padgett Sawyer.

Padgett Sawyer is a Tiktok influencer who is obsessed with looking good and living well for the public. She makes up stories about how perfect her night is and how she looks in the morning. Behind the scene, she does her facial early morning before recording. She’s her fans what products she uses and how to use them for a good look. She gets ready for school, takes a glass of orange juice, and talks with her mom. Her mom is a nurse and is divorced so they talk about her night shift. She also helps her mom to pay some bills with the money she makes from influencing.

Padgett lies to her friends about where she lives so she has to be in front of the house before they get there to pick her up. Just in time, she is there when they arrive so she hops in and they talk about her boyfriend, Jordan. Jordan is an influencer and aspiring hip-hop artist with lots of followers on Insta. It’s a school day but they didn’t go to school. They went to surprise Jordan at his trailer where he’s doing a music video.

She made some snacks for him so she goes live on Instagram to surprise only to her greatest surprise. One of her friends, Alden, who is quite jealous of her held the phone to video live. Padgett enters in and caught Jordan cheating on her with Aniston, a model for his video. Aniston is a huge fan of Padgett so she shakes hands with her. In a flash, Padgett lost it and started throwing the snacks at Jordan, telling him how he doesn’t deserve her. Quinn tells her to stop that she’s still alive and she looks at Alden, who is still recording, and throws the phone on the floor.

Meanwhile, her fans and followers were watching the whole thing that happened so it went viral. She was so sad that she didn’t go to school the next day. Quinn kept calling her to know how she was doing and tell her what was happening online. She thought that people will hate Jordan for cheating on her but people hate her for her reaction. They were using her for memes and hashtag bubble girl. She lost her followers and her sponsorship deals because of what happened.

She gathered courage and goes to school the next day. Alden was talking about how Padgett might her deserved what happened. Padgett joins them and they make fun of Jordan. Alden seems to not like the fact that Padgett said she made Jordan become famous. She dared Padgett to make another guy famous and to redeem herself. If she is able to do so then she wins if not, she will tattoo the loser on her arm. Padgett accepts the bet to turn the least popular guy in school into a famous popular guy.

Alden decides on the guy for her so they went around looking for one. Alden chooses Cameron Kweller, an antisocial photography student for her. Padgett accepts and says “watch out for your new prom king”. Alden responds “you bet”.

Padgett sets out her mission. She shows up where he parks his car the next day and tried to have a conservation with him. Cameron didn’t like talking to her so he left after she visited to take pictures for a fundraiser about prom. His younger sister Brin talks to Padgett and gives her information about him. She asks Brin about what Cameron likes and how to know him. Brin tells her that he likes photography, riding horse, and all that. She asks Padgett why is she interested in her brother and Padgett said: “curiosity I guess”.

Brin tells her that he loves horses and gives her the location of where he goes before school. The next morning, Padgett shows up there and asks for a lesson as they are friends. Cameron in shock allows her to help him in the stable. They cleared the horse pops while talking about what horses eat. Padgett takes a picture in the stable and asks for the riding lesson. Cameron shows her how to mount a horse but she ends up falling down and touching her jacket on a pile of horse dumps.

At school, she meets Cameron and his friend Nisha on their way out. Padgett thanks Cameron for the lesson and invited them to a karaoke party at Quinn’s house. Cameron tries to decline but Nisha likes Quinn so she made them accept. Padgett gave them the address and they left.

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At the party, Cameron and Nisha walk in to see Alden and Quinn singing their ears out. Padgett welcomes them and asks if they have their go-to karaoke song ready as everyone will sing. Soon, the DJ calls for Padgett to sing and she went on stage. She’s quite a song singer and Cameron admired her for that. As she was singing, Jordan walks in and create a scene by standing there with Aniston looking at her. She lost her words and couldn’t sing well but Cameron joins her on stage to boost her up. They sang together and everyone was asked who’s that guy as they enjoyed their song.

They got off the stage, and Quinn and Nisha says “everyone got that on camera”. Jordan goes on stage to show off while Padgett left with Cameron and Nisha. While in the car, Padgett told Cameron that he has a nice voice and thanked him for having her back once again. She left the car but Nisha follows her to warn her not to play games with Cameron and hurt him.

Padgett begins to bond more with Cameron and discovers that he and his younger sister lost their mother years ago. She visited them at their house where they live with their grandmother while their father is residing in Sweden. She asks for a riding lesson and Cameron took her there. They talk about life, why Cameron doesn’t show off the pictures he takes, and college. They went to a train station and Cameron took cute pictures of people and Padgett while they discuss heart matters.

Padgett, Nisha, Cameron, and Brin went on a shopping spree. They had fun and got some clothes then Padgett gives Cameron a makeover by changing his appearance and hairstyle. Brin was recording but Cameron told her to wait outside and she left. She finished, they were in the other room waiting for him to come out. Padgett kept her phone for recording the moment when he came out. They were astonished by his new look.

They dressed up for Alden’s birthday in style. Everyone was admiring Cameron’s new look even Alden as she barely recognizes him. Jordan is heartbroken because Aniston broke up with him. Nisha and Quinn met and had a nice time. Jordan tries to get Padgett back but she rudely talks to him and blows him off. Brin came to Jordan to make sure everything is okay but instead, Jordan tries to use her.

As they were singing happy birthday to Alden, Brin came running saying Jordan to get away from her. So Cameron asked what happened and she said that Jordan tried to force himself on her. Cameron didn’t find it funny so it lead to a fight that made him famous after beating Jordan. Even though Jordan threw Cameron’s camera into the pool causing him to leave the party in a rage despite Padgett’s attempts to console him.

The next day at school, people hail Cameron for beating Jordan last night. The board announces people running for prom king and Camron’s name was included. Alden turns on Padgett and reveals her plot to become prom queen alongside Jordan, revealing her true colors and that she is responsible for live-streaming Padgett’s outburst. Alden also revealed that she and Quinn know that Padgett is poor and who her mom is. Padgett apologizes to Quinn for why she lied about her identity but Quinn said she doesn’t care. She is okay with it but doesn’t know Alden has been planning to betray her since.

Cameron shows up to talk to Padgett but the school bell rang and he has history class. Cameron invited Padgett over to the house after school. She came over and Cameron took her to a room where he keeps all his pictures somewhere that he feels is the real him. Cameron said, “I trust you that’s why I let you in here”. Padgett begins to fall for Cameron but she is afraid to express her feelings after she kisses him.

When she left, Cameron went to Brin for a piece of advice on what to do about Padgett. She is happy cause she has been sensing chemistry between the two so she advises him to ask her to prom. Meanwhile, Padgett panicked about what happened and was talking to Quinn about it when Cameron showed up. He asked her to prom with a rose flower and her picture while Brin was recording. Alden being jealous came and ruined the moment for them by exposing their bet. Padgett told Cameron the whole truth about it but Cameron left angrily with Brin.

On prom day, Padgett and her mom had a heartfelt discussion about the whole situation and being real to yourself. She gets ready for prom, takes a call from Quinn, and calls Brin to ask for a favor. She told Brin how much she cares about losing Cameron. Brin goes to the stable to have a talk with Cameron and she bought some clothes for him. Brin told Cameron while crying that ever since Padgett came into his life, he’s been smiling and she feels like she has her brother back.

At prom, they start off with a dance battle then it was time to announce prom king and queen. Padgett wins so she goes on life and talks about the real her with picture moment. What she learned from Cameron and wishes she didn’t have to lose him to learn it. Cameron didn’t show up so she declines her role as prom queen.

Padgett left the premises to go outside and then gets a text from Cameron. Cameron heard her speech and likes it so he came to school riding on a horse. She apologized to him and promise to be honest with who she is from now on. They kiss and dance.

Following the events after the prom, Padgett travels around the world with Cameron her boyfriend, and thanks her followers for coming back to her as she leads them in a new direction.

In the end, love wins where there are true feelings.

Watch He’s All That on Netflix.

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