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Last Updated on May 9, 2023

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47 Meters Down Uncaged is a 2019 horror movie about survival. A high school movie showing love, greed, friendship, bullying, and having each other’s back. In and out of the existence of sharks, they believe it’s all safe in the waters but it wasn’t.

The beginning…

Grant (Mia’s dad) married a black woman (Sasha’s mom) making them a family and stepsisters. They had just moved into town and to a new school but Mia wasn’t happy. Sasha made some friends while Mia got bullied all the time. It wasn’t easy for Mia as she got pushed into the pool and was soaked. Sasha keeps denying that Mia is not her sister and so does Mia. The two girls had difficulty understanding each other and they rather ignore each other.

While at dinner, their dad (Grant) talks about the tooth of a shark he found. Grant works with findings under the water and that of aquatic bodies. He also told the girls that he was going for a trip in the water with a team that was safe and that wouldn’t have time to spend the weekends with them. He also planned a boat trip for the girls to see white sharks in some part of the water. Sasha didn’t like the idea as she has other plans with her friend. She left the dinner table rudely but also to go and cancel her plans with her friends. Grant tries to convince Mia that it will be fun and gave her the shark’s tooth to keep.

The next day by morning, Grant drops them off for the boat ride at the venue and Mia saw Catherine, her number one bully. Sasha’s friends, Nicole and Alexa showed up surprisingly. Sasha told them that she can’t hang out with them but they convinced her that it would be worth it. She asked Mia to join them. Mia felt uncomfortable because of Catherine so she entered the car. Alexa drove them to a distance of mountains and trees while they were having fun until they arrived at a place like a forest but had a secret lagoon.

Without a doubt, they jumped in screaming and enjoying the water. The lagoon had a small wood in the middle so they stayed on it and took off their shoes and clothes. They dived into the water individually and had a really nice time. They lay on the wood then Nicole saw a box of swimming suits, masks, and oxygen. Alexa told them that the lagoon has a cave like a secret entrance to the city. She said Ben told her and Ben is one of Grant’s members.

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Mia was freaking out and said if my dad finds out we are here, he’s gonna kill us. Alexa assured her that they won’t know that they were here cause her dad is on the other side. Mia calmed down and started to explain what she knew about the cave beneath then Alexa talked about the ancient structure and the amazing things they can see in the cave. Nicole persuaded the girls to try it out even though Mia told them that cave diving it’s dangerous.

They decided to do it because they thought it was cool. They started putting on swimsuits, masks, and oxygen. Nicole was too carefree that she didn’t listen to any instructions on how to be careful. She just dived in, the rest were ready and dived in as Alexa lead the way.

In the Cave…

As they dive into the water, they made sure their oxygen level was 100% and turned on their flashlight. Following Alexa’s lead, they swim toward the entrance of the cave and she told them not to run out of air and to be in a single file as the cave is narrow. On reaching a place, Alexa told them to stop and she turned on the light. Astonished by what they saw, they explored the cave till they saw a tomb where Alexa said they made a human sacrifice here. Nicole saw something move but the Alexa told her there was nothing there. They had an argument about what it could be but agreed to go back.

Turning to see Nicole moving in another direction. They followed her only to see a cavefish while they were exploring what the fish is, Nicole went ahead to try and touch it causing her to knock over a stone column. The stone column fell over the structure causing a chain of collapses which made a spilt between the girls. Mia was on her own as she looks for the girls and a way out. She found Ben and she tries to explain why she’s down there but Ben already knows it’s Alexa’s doing. Alexa shows up and Ben scolds her for it.

As they were having conservation, the shark suddenly devoured Ben. Alexa and Mia start screaming and swim out of there. They found the other girls and told them what happened. The shark chased them into the tunnel that leads to the lagoon’s entrance causing a cave-in blockage. They need to find a way out so Mia suggested that they go back for the guidelines that Ben had. They had to do it so they checked their oxygen level and starts going back.

As they swim deeper into the city down there, they encountered another shark but realized that the shark is blind. They swim out of that side and got to an air pocket. Alexa told them that they can’t breathe here for long. Carl had no idea of what was going on, he was playing music and working until the shark came for him. Mia hears music and followed the sound only to find carl dead. She screamed looking for where to go and she wasn’t hearing the girls.

Luckily for her, Grant found her and told her to keep quiet as the shark was above them. Mia and Grant swim out to find the other and get out of there but the other girl came through for them. They saw the shark behind Mia so they caused noise from a different angle to distract the shark. Grant leads the way out from the cave to another lagoon’s entrance. When they got there, they hugged each other for surviving together then Grant shows them how to climb the rope.

The Survival…

Not too long, the shark meets up with them. Everyone is terrified of seeing the shark beneath them and this time they were two. Nicole starts screaming get me out of here as she climbs the rope overshadowing Alexa. Nicole climbs faster cutting the rope so Alexa fell back into the water. She got to the top but ended up falling back into the water, her fall was deep and the sharks devoured her. Grant got distracted trying to give his girls’ survival technique and got eaten by the shark.

Before he died, he told them that, in order to leave here they have to go back inside the water and get out through the city. Sasha encouraged the other and they set in. Getting deep into the water, a strong wave current separates Sasha from the other girls. Mia screamed as she lost Sasha and Alexa held her. Mia tries to go into the wave and find Sasha but Alexa tells her that she is gone.

Alexa found a tunnel on the other side of the wall so they climb to that side. As they reach there, the shark came from that tunnel attacking Alexa and throwing Mia into the wave. The shark carried Alexa on her oxygen so she removed the oxygen in order to free herself but she died from lack of air in the water.

Meanwhile, as Mia get drags deep by the wave Sasha caught her hand. Helping each other they found a narrow way out of the cave to the ocean but they had to remove their oxygen mask to get through it. At the surface, they see a boat tour and swim towards the boat screaming for help. The sharks were beneath them because the man on the boat was throwing fish particles to bring the shark to the surface for sightseeing. Not knowing the girls were in the water.

The girls got to the boat and they were helping them up. As Mia gets on the boat, Sasha is grabbed by a shark. Mia rush to get a flare gun and dived back into the water to rescue Sasha. Sasha made it to the boat but Mia is dragged into the water by another shark. She survived by stabbing the shark’s eye with the tooth given to her by her dad. She got to the boat and hugs Sasha while everyone on the boat is shocked. The boat’s staff attend to their wounds.

In the end, Sasha and Mia survived and found their love for one another.

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