20 Lessons from the Movie, Seven Years in Tibet

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

friendship of heinrich and dalai

Seven years in Tibet is a 1997 American biological movie about world war II. It is based on Austrian Mountaineer and Officer, Heinrich Harrer. What he went through and lessons learned. Here are 20 lessons from seven years in Tibet.

1. Resolve Your Differences with Loved Ones.

We all have our differences and agreements with the people around us. We tend to have disagreements, especially with our loved ones for showing vulnerability. Tomorrow waits for no one, leaving matters that can be settled at that time for a later time is not the best solution.

2. Be Calm In Any Situation.

Calmness is not something one can have, it’s more like a gift or practice. Calm helps you focus on what you need to do and get it done much more quickly thereby bringing solutions faster. There’s always a solution to a problem.

3. Worry Less About Things You Can’t Control.

You can only worry about how to control what to do or how to react but you can’t worry about things you can’t control. A saying in Tibet by Lord Buddha says, “If a problem can be solved, there is no use worrying about it. If it can’t be solved, worrying will do no good”.

4. Don’t Have Pride, Swallow Your Pride.

Pride is a feeling of satisfaction with one’s own dignity. It is good to humble yourself among others and let go of that feeling. Pride doesn’t take one anywhere good. Like Pema Lhaki said, “You admire the man who pushes his way to the top in any walk of life, while we admire the man who abandons his ego”.

5. Help Those In Need Even Without A Reason.

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, we are all blessed. A kind gesture can touch a wounded heart. Showing generosity and compassion is an essential theme in life as we know the bible always talks about us helping others.

6. Belief in Religion and Faith.

The Tibetans always had faith in everything. They believe so much in their prayers and they teach us to pray in all situations. It shows that prayer is the key.

7. Be Forgiving.

It says in the scripture that “If you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you”. We all make mistakes so it’s better to let go of others’ mistakes and move on from them with a clear mind. The Tibetans always believed in having purity.

8. Never Give Up.

It means the willingness to accept failure so that one can learn from it. This is one thing Heinrich displayed, he showed us that no matter what, never give up on your goals.

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9. Don’t Look Down on Anyone.

Everyone has a very good potential in one thing or the other, good at something. Sometimes, people, you look down on today will be the ones you look up to tomorrow.

10. Don’t Resent Others for Their Happiness.

If things didn’t work out for you then it’s for good. If things work out for others then it’s still for good. We all have our time and when it’s your time be happy.

11. Don’t be Selfish with Your Own Desire.

“Do nothing out of selfish desire but in humility consider others better than yourselves”. Show respect and care for others’ desires whether you find yourself in a team or relationship or friendship, and always do things cooperatively.

12. Nothing Last.

Everything in life is temporary. So if things are going well, enjoy it because it won’t last forever. And if things are going bad, don’t worry. It can’t last forever either. In Tibet, Buddha script wrote, “All beings tremble before danger and death, life is dear to all when a man considers this, he doesn’t kill or cause to kill”.

13. Show Appreciation.

A feeling of being grateful. Expressing your appreciation for someone’s help by any means. You can say thank you, say a speech or write a letter, or give a gratitude gift. It is really necessary to appreciate the little things of life.

14. Don’t Run Away From Responsibility.

Don’t run away from your responsibility towards others when they need you. By choosing to take responsibility for your life, you will have the power to achieve your greatest potential. In Tibet, Buddha said, “Salvation does not come from the sight of me. It demands strenuous effort and practice. So work hard and seek your own salvation diligently”.

15. Belief in Yourself.

Believing in yourself means having faith in your own capabilities. It means believing that you can do something or anything good. When you believe in yourself, you can overcome self-doubt and have the confidence to get things done.

16. Be Smart.

In this context, it means being able to apply knowledge and skills in a situation when needed. Being smart with words can save you from bad situations. Heinrich was really good at this, he showed strength in communicating with Dalai and skills in building and preparing a film house In Tibet.

17. Be Accommodating.

It is the willingness to help others by providing for their food or shelter or space. To help someone with what they desire or need. There’s a saying that “If you accommodate others, you will be accommodating yourself”.

18. Every Action has a Consequence.

You are free to make whatever choice you want but you are not free from the consequences of the choice. If one make a right act then one gets a good consequence but if one make a bad act then one gets or suffers a bad consequence. Sometimes it is best to consider the consequence before we take action because nothing can be undone.

19. Value Friendship.

Building a friendship is one, and valuing the friendship built is another. Good friendships are one of the biggest influences on happiness and self-value in our lives. Heinrich and Peter displayed the joy they got from having one another.

20. Be Supportive.

To be supportive is to give help or hold someone up. Sometimes your friend or partner just needs to be heard, you have to be there when it counts most, and when it doesn’t, and Have each other’s back and cheer each other on. Being a supportive person, friend or partner is very important

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