15 Good Movies To Watch About Religion

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

Image of a man praying with faith.

Religion is a system of designated practices, morals, faith, and beliefs concerning the nature and purpose of the universe when considered as the creation of a supernatural being. It involves devotional and ritual observances containing a moral code governing the affairs of humans. Picking a good movie about religion can be challenging so here are 15 good movies to watch about religion.

1. Freshman Year (2019)

Image of Freshman Year, good movie about religion.

A Christian religious film about a high school graduate, CJ, who is challenged by social and peer pressure during his freshman year at a state university. CJ is a devout preacher’s son and had a very strict upbringing. He entered the school and was so focused on his studies and sport but got distracted by a girl named Marcella. CJ and Marcella started dating and things went out of hand when he got Marcella pregnant. He had to deal with keeping the baby, his reputation as a preacher’s son, and how to tell his father. CJ’s faith in God was tested when the doctors confirmed that his baby had an illness. CJ prayed, trusting in God’s intervention and believing in his prayers and that of his parents.

2. The Miracle Season (2018)

Image of Miracle Season

The Miracle Season is an inspiring story about a high-school girl’s volleyball team that lost its star player Caroline. They had to face the most challenge in winning their great match. Because their star player was a good and loving girl who always had faith in the team, they believed in themselves. Her death inspired them to channel their spirit into the game and honored her through their win.

3. A Week Away (2021)

Image of the Film "A Week Away"

A week away is an American Christian Musical Teen Drama about a troubled teen, Will, who went against the law and agrees to go to a Christian Musical camp for a week. In the camp, they gather together to talk about their fears and worries, share deep thoughts, and sing Christian songs. Worshipping and praising God is what makes them happy. Will finds a connection with the people in the camp and fell in love.

4. God’s Calling (2018)

Image of God's Calling

God’s Calling is a Nigerian-based Christian Movie about a woman, Sade, who lost her only child in a home accident and completely lost herself in depression dealing with the trauma. Her way of life changed and affected everyone around her. She lost faith and hope in God but one day, she was called by God and she found her way back to her faith.

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5. Wide.Ride.Rodeo (2019)

Image of Wide.Ride.Rodeo

Wide.Ride.Rodeo is an inspiring Netflix movie based on faith, joy, and belief in oneself and those around you. A courageous teenager, Amberley, finds passion for rodeo, and it’s her goal to get a gold medal in a rodeo competition but she got paralyzed after a car accident. Amberley had to find her way back to rodeo being determined to win the rodeo competition months after her car accident.

6. 2 Hearts (2020)

Image of 2 Hearts

2 Hearts is a romance drama movie but it’s based on hope and love uniting them with faith. It is a true story that talks about two parallel love stories. Two couples, their future intertwined, and a hidden connection bring them together. The couples faced a lot together but they had hope for each other, also saying that there is a positive outcome from any tragedy.

7. A Fall From Grace (2020)

Image of A Fall from Grace

A Fall From Grace is an American thriller movie that featured a woman, Grace Waters, who fell in love and was deceived by a young man who dumps rich women and takes everything away from them. Grace being a believer in good faith fought real hard to be free but ended up in a twisted fate. Now it’s time for her to own up and tell her story with the help of her lawyer who has belief in her story.

8. Kiss & Cry (2017)

Image of Kiss&Cry, good movie about religion.

In a fight against cancer, one has to have faith in God, hope, and the spirit of survival to win. Kiss & Cry is a movie about a girl, Carley Allison, an 18-years old skater, and singer. She was diagnosed with a very rare clear cell sarcoma found in her lungs but always finds a reason to smile and inspires others with her positive attitude. With love from everyone around her, Carley had more faith in herself becoming stronger and achieving her goals.

9. Greater (2016)

Image of Greater

Greater is an American Biographical sports film about a 22 years old Brandon Burnsworth who worked hard and was pushed hard to achieve great skills in football. Brandon died in a car crash 11 days after being drafted high in the third round to the national football league. His death touched everyone who knew Brandon, his brother Marty completely doubted his faith in God but everything turns around when everyone accepted his death with faith. Dedicating the team in his name.

10. I Still Believe (2020)

Image of I Still Believe

I still believe is an American Christian Romantic movie based on inspiring true stories. Jeremy Camp, a songwriter, and singer fell in love with Melissa despite her being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. They got engaged and after six months they got married. She died shortly after that and Jeremy lost everything he had with God but as time passes, he realized his wife would want him to keep his faith in God so he wrote a song “I still believe” restoring his faith.

11. I Can Only Imagine (2018)

Image of I Can Only Imagine

I can only imagine is an American Christian biographical drama film about a man, Bart Millard, who suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his father. His father didn’t believe in Bart’s dream causing him pain but Brat focused the pain on writing songs. Years later, his father became terminally ill making him rediscover his love for his son and find redemption. Brat forgives his father and mended their relationship inspiring him to sing the song “I can only imagine” saying his beliefs and hope.

12. Breakthrough (2019)

Image of Breakthrough

Breakthrough is about a 14-year-old boy, John, who likes to play basketball. In an unfortunate event, John and his friends went playing on an icy lake and went underwater for more than 15 minutes before the rescue team arrived. He was in a coma and was confirmed dead but his mother never gave up on him, she prayed and replied to God for intervention. Everyone marveled when they saw faith can save him and he was fighting for his life. They joined their faith together and prayed for him.

13. Overcomer (2019)

Image of Overcomer

The basketball coach, John, had to coach across the country because of the movement within the state. He agreed to be the running coach for Hannah who is asthmatic. Hannah had a rough childhood where she doesn’t know her father but her father was a cross country runner. John eventually figured out who her father is and took her to him. Hannah finds it hard to accept him but she did forgive him and started visiting him more. Through the process, she discovers herself and also strengthens her Christian faith. Being encouraged by her coach and father’s words, she becomes the state champion.

14. The Shack (2017)

Image of the Shack

An uplifting spiritual journey about a father, Mark, who loses his daughter to a serial killer. He falls into depression losing his faith and beliefs. One day, things turn around as he went to the shack, group of believers showed him what faith looks like and gave him an understanding of his tragedy. Mark restores his faith and forgives himself for the loss of his daughter.

15. War Room (2015)

Image of War Room

Miss Clara, is an older, wiser woman that believes in God and has great faith. She channels her energy into prayers as she has a room in her house, which she calls the “war room”. She sold her house, and a family who needed help in their lives moved into her house. The woman learns a lot from Miss Clara and she teaches her how to pray and have faith in God to save her marriage and family.

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