Is Love an Emotion or a Feeling?

Last Updated on August 28, 2022

Is Love an Emotion or a Feeling

How we feel greatly influences how we think and act. Depending on our emotions—happy, sad, bored, or frustrated—we make choices. We made our hobby and activity choices based on how we were feeling. We can manage life more easily and steadily if we have a better understanding of our emotions.

Most of the time, feelings and emotions are fairly similar. To provide a bit more clarification, though: Physiological reactions to both internal and external events are referred to as emotions. A person’s reaction to the emotion they perceive in a scenario is known as their response to a feeling.

This indicates that while we can experience emotions without experiencing feelings, we simply cannot express feelings without experiencing emotions.

So how is love an emotion? Undoubtedly, the feeling of love can often be perceived as a powerful emotion. However, emotions are transient; they change with time, situations, and moods. Much more than that, love is. It is an attitude. It is a continual flow of life energy. Love is characterized by the breadth and depth of your own being; it is unaffected by the circumstances around you.

Is love a feeling, though? The traditional definition of feeling in the scientific community is a facial expression. The faces of people who are experiencing joy, grief, disgust, rage, surprise, and other fundamental emotions are instantly recognizable. Feelings also change throughout time. In the morning, we are starving, and in the afternoon, we are content.

But if you fall in love in the morning, you will likely stay that way all day and night, perhaps for weeks or even years. Since true love endures, we can conclude that it is not an emotion or feeling.

A healthy feeling only manifests when it is required. Once it has handled a problem, it willingly withdraws. None of these things occurs when love is in a healthy state. Love is not an emotion since it doesn’t behave like one. True love is in a class by itself.

What is Love Then?

When you truly love someone, you embrace that person into the very core of your existence. And it may also go the other way; when you fully accept someone, you come to love them unconditionally. While emotions like lust, passion, affection, helplessness, want, or longing may come and go, love never ceases to flow.

Sometimes we picture ourselves in a romantic relationship and project our feelings onto someone who is not truly close to us. It’s a blind game here. Desire, lust, moods, passion, and even affection can all be factors in such a game, but the genuine thing is absent. When the truth finally shows up, we understand that love was never a component of this game-playing.

Love is a Drive

A drive keeps us acting in a certain way until the goal is achieved. The classic example is hunger. The objective is food when you are hungry. Until you eat, you will continue to be hungry. You’ll probably experience a wide range of emotions as you look for and consume the food. When your attempts to get food are unsuccessful, you can feel irate or disappointed. When you succeed in getting food, you might feel happy or even ecstatic.

Love is a desire, just as hunger. Romantic love is a difficult impulse to restrain, like other drives. Everything is out of your control, especially in love. You must come to terms with the fact that you cannot and should not attempt to control every circumstance or passion.

Love is a desire, just as hunger. You may experience a range of feelings when you concentrate on winning the other person because they now become a goal in your life. Although euphoria is frequently associated with love, it is by no means the only emotion humans experience. We swing from high to low like a kite, bound to one another by this desire, experiencing ecstasy, compassion, surprise, worry, rage, jealousy, and despair.

Romantic love is a difficult impulse to restrain, like other drives. Everything is out of your control, especially in love. You must come to terms with the fact that you cannot and should not attempt to control every circumstance or passion.

What is True Love?

How can you tell whether your love is genuine? True love has the ability to change us and deepens who we are as people, giving us a sense of strength and power. Love offers our senses an added dimension and heightened sensitivity, enabling us to engage with life and the surrounding environment in a more richer and meaningful way. Love is about giving; a selfish, self-centred individual cannot truly love another. Love is always moving forward. The goal of love in our lives is not to indulge in blissful love or even to wallow in self-pity after a heartbreak. In either case, you carry on; if you’re content, you share your love’s joy with those who are less fortunate. If it’s bad, you take the lesson to heart and go on.

We all possess love. And the way we feel about ourselves is reflected in the way we love others. True love goes beyond simply loving one person. Others are welcomed into its fold. We adore our parents, siblings, kids, friends, and pets in addition to our romantic or married partners. It arises from within us and encircles the people we hold dear. No matter what they do, if you have truly loved someone with all of your heart, some part of you will always be attached, caring, and loving.

Final Thoughts

Love can be a discipline, a responsibility, a motivation, a goal, a will action, a prayer, or a kind of worship. When used improperly, love can also be a form of extortion. Love enables us to transcend ourselves. The things we love may change, but love never changes.

Love is an emotion that the soul may feel and shouldn’t be constrained by labels or definitions. Love gets deeper. Without action, love is just like simple likes and dislikes. Love is an unstoppable force, and it is impossible to restrain it from flowing naturally. In fact, true love is the union of two souls. One begins where the other ends.

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