9 Ways To Effectively Manage Clients Relationship

Last Updated on April 12, 2023

Good client management makes a company successful. It’s not just about attracting new customers; it’s also about keeping them happy because they chose you over the rest.

It’s a whole new field of science.

And many entrepreneurs need to meet the challenges of client relationship management. When managing clients while working remotely, there are some practical tips you can use to attract, maintain, and build relationships.

In this article, we’ve prepared nine easy tips for you to follow in your future interactions with clients:

First, we have to understand client management

What is client management

Client management is the process of acquiring clients, managing projects, reviewing feedback, and persuading them to become loyal customers.

In a nutshell, it consists of all your efforts to build strong relationships with each and every one of your clients.

Building strong connections with your customers and clients can go a long way toward increasing sales and growing your business.

But remember, there is usually a difference between a client and a customer.

A customer is someone who buys a product, has a short-term interaction, and actually stays. A client, however, has been using the service for a long time and needs more personal attention.

Here are tips to help with this client management and relations:

1. Remember that communication is key

Don’t expect to build a good relationship with your clients simply by sending them monthly reports and updates on project progress.

That’s all for communication.

Go a step further and check in on them regularly, try to get to know them better, and be prepared to complete online or in-person check-ins.

If you want to hold regular meetings with your clients, video conferencing tools can be helpful. Apps and tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Discord have full HD video calling capabilities, allowing you to meet anyone from any device’s browser.

Want to host a group meeting?
No problem! Many of these apps and tools let you invite up to 100 people to your video call. This is perfect if you need to discuss something with your team or want to host a workshop.

Taking the time to set up a video call with a client makes them feel valued and special, which leads to a loyal partnership between the two of you. If you are the owner of a service marketplace, try to provide your users and their clients with the smoothest online communication process possible.

Remember that business people are human too and need personal attention. And that creates an atmosphere of loyalty. Every business needs clients and customers like these, and only great client management knows communication is the first step to getting them.

2. Build trust

Trust usually comes over time, but you can build it early on by being as friendly and genuine as possible. Clients may not understand everything you do or say. So be sure to explain yourself.

Don’t use complicated terms to pretend to be clever or to prove something.

Always be open to conversation and discuss each step of the process together.

We encourage service marketplace owners to encourage users to complete their profiles with all required information (short bio, areas of expertise, profile picture, etc.).

Providing all of this helps you build trust with your current and future clients.

3. Know your client’s industry

Depending on the services we provide, we mostly work with people from a variety of clients.

Pay close attention and learn the basics of your job.

Recognizing your clients’ business needs not only helps you get the job done right but taking the time to get to know them better also impresses them.

Personal attention opens a lot of doors for you and your customers and clients, allowing you to step out of the “standard” service packages offered by most service providers, which are usually not so productive. There aren’t any. This is an effective client management tip.

4. Set expectations

By setting and managing customer expectations from the beginning, you can put them at ease throughout the process. We don’t want our customers to demand more products or services than we can offer. Always be honest with your clients and avoid underpromising and overgiving.

Also, details related to the contractual aspects of the service should be carefully explained. Consider the following when managing client expectations:

  • Only offer what you know you can offer.
  • What are your customers’ expectations for this project?
  • Are there any risks I should be aware of?
  • Quality standards demanded by clients.
  • Ask directly what your client expects.

 Finally, don’t forget to make the first meeting successful and complete the project on time.

5. Thank your clients and customers

Loyal consumers are like the capital of your business. They enhance your brand’s image by becoming brand ambassadors through positive reviews.

Praise and appreciate clients who are loyal to your company. Offer unique offers, be the first to know about new products and services, and invite them to special events. In turn, satisfied customers who attach great importance to your offer will be great supporters of your company.

Key recommendations and best practices for connecting loyalty programs:

  • Your program should add value. 
  • Make your loyalty program attractive to your customers by offering something of value.
  • Make your loyalty program visible and easy for your clients to find. 
  • Make your clients feel like VIPs by offering creative incentives like free discounts, points, free shipping upgrades, and early access.

6. Be active on social media

Businesses benefit from having social media accounts. But having social media accounts isn’t enough; you need to be actively involved. According to a recent survey, 40% of users expect a brand to respond within an hour of connecting, and nearly 80% expect a response within the first 24 hours.

Many buyers check to see if the company has an online presence before making a transaction. Clients and customers are already using social media platforms to browse new products, leave reviews, and share their favorite items with friends. Social media participation helps your company brand shine and is a great way to stay in the minds and feeds of your customers.

These clients are constantly reviewing and discussing your brand on social media, so there’s a good chance your business will be the talk of the town. Actively engaging with your customers and clients on social media and responding to social media comments is a great way to drive the narrative being told about your brand. You can also resolve negative comments as soon as they occur. Specific platforms vary by brand and followers (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.).

7. Show your appreciation

Tell your clients that you understand their importance, as do supportive friends and family.

Shibaraju estimates two important groups of people for her:
“The first is for our clients.” They pay me, so it’s my responsibility to create the best ads for their business and get quality new leads. Envelopes need to be filled with high-quality, hyperlocal content to get people to open and use them.

Shibaraju sends envelopes to clients thanking them for purchasing local goods and services. He also recommended sending Christmas cards and receiving discounts to show your appreciation. What will effective client management be if you are not thanking them for choosing your products or services?

8. Focus on personal interactions

Misunderstandings are common when technology is used as the primary point of contact. Emails and phone calls are convenient, but nothing beats face-to-face communication.

The truth is, you understand your clients better in person than on the phone or screen. Shibaraju places great importance on visiting clients, introducing himself, and building professional and personal relationships with them. “I like to get to know my customers and what their businesses are,” he said. I ask questions, and I want to learn as much as possible to know how best to help your business.”

You can learn more about your customers by speaking directly to them. However, some people are more comfortable talking to you remotely. Shivaraju asked customers and clients what their preferred method of communication was and advised them to stick with it.

9. Use a client management system

Client management software supports storing all customer information. Track your customers’ contact details, backgrounds, and transactions in one place. You can benefit your business by centralizing, streamlining, and automating your customer communications and improving the following areas:

  • Learn more about your clients.
  • Client segmentation
  • Their needs and requirements
  • Client retention
  • Client communication

Client management is an important business goal for companies around the world. Your business grows when you improve the quality of your customer interactions. If you want your business to succeed in today’s world, you have to take client management seriously. If you haven’t already, now is the time to focus on the quality of your service and provide quality service to your clients.

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