Movie Review: Top Gun Maverick

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

Image of Top Gun Maverick

Top Gun Maverick is a 2022 American action movie sequel to Top Gun in 1986.

United States Navy Captain, Pete Maverick, is a test pilot who graduated over 30 years from Top Gun. Maverick intended to fly a plane for his program “Darkstar” but when he got there. His team said, “we were asked to shut down the program”. Darkstar couldn’t get up to Mach 10 and today’s test run is for Mach 9. Maverick convinced them to give it a try so they accepted. They got him ready to fly and got all devices for monitoring on set.

He took off while they monitored his engine and Mach. As the Mach approaches 9, everyone closely monitors the plane and hopes it will get to Mach 10. The plane finally gets to Mach 10 and everyone was happy because it just saved the program. Maverick pushed further to Mach 10.2 and the prototype is destroyed. Hammer (Maverick’s superior) sent him packing to NAS North Island for his next assignment as he has been called back to Top Gun.

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Cyclone, commander of Naval Air Forces warns Maverick about the era of flying coming to an end because of the drones program. The Navy had an assignment handed over to Maverick about destroying a uranium enrichment plant with a strike team before it becomes fully operational. Admiral goes on to tell Maverick that it’s been guarded by the 5th generational fighters. Maverick devises a plan to attack but he got shut down as he wouldn’t be flying. He would be teaching a group of Top Gun graduates.

Maverick took some time out at the bar to consider the decision and ended up seeing the group of Top Gun graduates with his old friend’s son, Rooster. He decided to be their instructor and captain so he addressed them the next day. Maverick asks them to show him what they can do so they get ready for flying. They put a bet that whoever fails will do 100 push-ups and set off. Maverick told the set flying to shoot him down or he shoots them down.

They tried but weren’t good enough as Maverick took them down first. They did their 100 push-ups. After some break, Maverick resumes classes on the mission. This time he gives them a different mission of flying on the low-level ground. He told them everything they need to know even their speed level and balance. Everyone looks shocked because it’s a difficult one they have to pass through. They start practicing and made some mistakes. Maverick cleared them on it which got them ready.

Admiral Iceman calls for Maverick. He communicates with Maverick about work. Maverick opens up to him about sending Rooster on this mission as he doesn’t want to lose him. Ice tells him that “the Navy needs Maverick so does Rooster”. Maverick spends time with his team as they play ball at the beach and bond together.

The mission begins as its just one more week left before the fight. Maverick brings up another plan for practice as they keep practicing and preparing. In a heated conversation between Maverick and Rooster, the news of Ice’s death came in. The burial was set and everyone paid their respect. As Ice is dead, Cyclone takes that opportunity to take Maverick down and ground him permanently. Cyclone takes over and lectures the flying pilot on another plan.

Maverick decided to show up, take an aircraft, and showed them how possible it is to win the mission. Everyone including Cyclone was happy. Cyclone scolded Maverick for such a brave decision but accepted the fact it was possible. As they set out to go for the fight, Maverick saw his lover before leaving. On the aircraft carrier before taking off, one last address, Maverick talks to them and chooses Rooster as his wingman.

They were ready to go and took off with their partner. Admiral and other members monitor them from the device room. They take the fight as planned, entered the low-level ground, and fired the target but when they got to the top. The enemies’ launchers attacked, they flew out avoiding the bombs but Rooster’s flare finished and two bombs were behind him. Maverick steps in to save Rooster and a bomb hit his plane making him land. The enemies were coming close to the other team so they couldn’t go back to save Maverick. Cyclone refused to send a rescue team to save Maverick as he didn’t want to lose another.

Rooster couldn’t let it go so he went back to save Maverick. Apparently, Maverick was still alive and almost killed by the enemy’s aircraft. Rooster took a hit by a bomb so he can land and make sure Maverick is okay. Maverick and Rooster fight a little because Maverick wanted Rooster alive and safe. They have to find a plan and get out of there. Maverick comes up with a plan of stealing the enemies’ aircraft which was actually an old one but Maverick knew how to fly it.

They got into the aircraft and took off. Cyclone and the team got their signal and were so happy. The enemies’ aircraft got to where Maverick was and observe them for a while. Maverick set a new plan for escape in case. They fought really hard to survive when they thought they were done. One aircraft of the enemy came in but Hangman came in and saved them. They got to the boat space and everyone was happy. Mission accomplished.

Rooster and Maverick became paddies as Rooster helps Maverick work on his P-51 Mustang. Maverick meets his lover again and he took her flying with his Mustang. Rooster looks at the photo of their mission success and joins it together with his dad’s own.

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