What Makes A Good Client?

Last Updated on August 8, 2022

A Good Client

Understanding each other’s communication preferences and working approaches, which frequently rely on an individual’s traits, is crucial in the agency-client relationship. Successful agency bosses have discovered what makes clients compatible fits with their staff, whether it’s honesty or a sense of humour.

Bad clients are more like miserable but non-life-threatening vacations. However, it’s a good idea to stay away from them whenever you can. Knowing what a good client looks like is the greatest approach to accomplish that. So, here are 9 characteristics of an excellent client.

1. They set realistic expectations

Most likely, the typical customer has no idea what a website costs. Good ones, however, are aware that spending money is necessary in order to generate money. They understand that marketing is an investment rather than an expense, and they’re willing to spend money if they believe they’ll get a decent return on it. Poor clients only think about how much money they need to spend.

A good client would inquire about turnaround times and anticipate that development would take some time. Give them the time they require to finish the task. Because a good agency will make every effort to finish the project on schedule and within budget.

2. They trust our expertise

Good customers show respect for the workers they have recruited. They were chosen because you needed their specialised knowledge to develop and carry out a project. If you sense they are heading in the wrong direction or don’t understand a particular direction they are pursuing, by all means, ask them questions.

A strong alliance between the agency and client is essential to a successful engagement. Frequently and honestly provide feedback. A good firm will discuss its ideas with you in detail and engage in negotiations to find a solution that benefits all sides.

However, instructing a web designer on how to create a website is a very different situation. Pay attention if a company warns you that your requests can create a bad user experience. Take their advice, and understand it comes from a place of understanding and good intentions.

3. They pay on time

Good clients don’t demand free labour from their vendors. Sadly, it is not a no-brainer, despite what you might believe. Missing a payment because you failed to see the invoice is one thing; purposefully delaying payments for weeks or months on end is quite another.

Unfortunately, businesses and startups frequently deal with customers who believe they will be unable to pay for months on end. When requesting payment from clients, no one is attempting to be cruel. However, businesses rely on customer revenues to cover payroll and other costs associated with running their day-to-day operations.

Similar to this, good clients don’t require a detailed report on every invoice detailing how we spent each and every minute. Accountability is one thing, but you should have faith that the company you chose will work hard for you. Do not behave as the police; rather, inquire about the amount of time spent on a project. Nobody enjoys working under a boss who doesn’t believe in them.

4. They are willing to take advice

All business owners would, in an ideal world, have mission, vision, and value statements, as well as brand strategies and USPs (USP). Additionally, they would be very explicit about the design of their website and how it would fit into their larger corporate goals.

Welcome to the real world, where most business owners believe that what sets them apart from their competitors is “performing quality work at a cheap price.”

Good clientele wants fair guidance because the majority of them aren’t experienced marketers. Consultations on website strategy frequently evolve into discussions that benefit the client in all facets of their marketing. The questions you pose to your client during the needs analysis should prompt them to consider developing value statements and brand strategies, particularly if they haven’t done so yet. I believe that’s called “added value.”

5. They respect your time

They are prompt in their responses. Within two to three days, respond to calls and emails, or provide a brief message outlining your inability to respond and when you will. Dead air is the worst thing there is! Every time a customer remains silent, they make it simpler for a contractor to disregard them in the future and their emergencies.

In order to manage your overflowing inbox and keep an eye on what’s vital, set up a solid auto-responder to filter out the unimportant emails (but be sure to leave it on for certain people, like your contractors), and a straightforward folder follow-up system.

6. They are fair

Fairness is a quality that clients should embrace, as it makes life much simpler for agencies. It’s very easy. For instance, when the scope of the task has greatly changed as a result of customer requests, it is reasonable to request a change order. If a client adopts a fair perspective, they will be understanding and reasonable in their decision to approve the change order.

7. They have a “teamwork” mentality

We encounter prospective customers with a “us versus them” mentality much too frequently, and this never succeeds. It normally won’t work unless we all understand that we are all in this together and that we must cooperate for maximum results. A true teamwork mentality increases the likelihood that clients will succeed. These are the clients we actively seek out because we genuinely like working with them.

8. They have passion

Working with a business owner who is genuinely passionate about their enterprise provides for a delightful experience, in addition to the capacity to maintain open lines of communication. These business owners are extremely knowledgeable about their clients and their goods or services, and they simply take pleasure in what they do. Marketing initiatives are usually enjoyable when they involve these customers.

9. They can cooperate

Easy is overrated; the only challenging client is one who believes we can make them prosperous without their assistance. However, we cannot operate in a vacuum. Because everyone works in a different way, it might sometimes take a while to find harmony and flow with a client. The ideal customer has specific objectives and a concept of how to achieve them. She has faith in us to complete our portion of the voyage.

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