What Makes a Lady Feel Special?

Last Updated on May 14, 2023

Everyone likes to be treated well, and women certainly love a man that makes them feel special, unique, or different. But it’s not all about a lover making a lady feel special. Women can also give themselves special treatment. Unfortunately, many women are so focused on their jobs, caring for their homes, and raising their families that they do not take time for self-care. Here, we’ll focus on how men can make their women feel special. Whether you want to woo a woman or your significant other, we’ve compiled things that make a lady feel special and how to do it!

Making a lady feel special does not have to be a difficult task. In fact, it can be quite simple – and it will definitely be appreciated! You know the lady in your life is special and deserves to be treated like a queen. But how exactly do you do that?

It is not just about the material things in life. Sure, everyone likes money, fancy clothes, and vacations. But a lady also craves love, attention, care, and appreciation. She wants to feel wanted, needed, and loved. Moreover, a lady wants to feel respected and valued.

How to Make a lady feel special

How to Make a Lady Feel Special

You might have been wondering why your lady doesn’t treat you the way you want. The question is, did you treat her the way she wants? Or perhaps, the way she deserves? Don’t forget, an energy births another energy. Ladies are generally emotional creatures and will almost certainly let you know if you’re not doing right by them. It could be through their action to you or even words. The reason marriages and relationships fail these days, sadly, are because of the little things ignored.

Unfortunately, most men do not want to accept that the little things matter. In fact, they matter the most, and these things go a long way in keeping relationships. Doing the tiniest of things for your lady in the sweetest way may make her want to stick to you forever. Hence, stop wondering and get to the task of making your lady feel special already.

To make things easy for you, here is a list of things you can do to make your lady feel special and save your relationship:

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What makes a lady feel special

Don’t Just Tell Her She’s Beautiful; Make Her Feel Beautiful!

Words are great, and they could mean more when your lady’s love language is “Words of Affirmation.” But it’s not always about what you say; it’s about expressing the message in a unique way.

Telling your woman she is beautiful is good, but the reality is the guy down the street can say that too. Practically everyone can tell her she’s beautiful, and she hears that more often than you probably realize. Whether it’s from her family, friends, or even ex-boyfriends.

Imagine this, if you’ve heard the same compliment for years and years, would it still feel special when you keep hearing it? Probably not Maybe it will feel different hearing your lover say it, but if you want to make your lady feel special, you’ll need to MAKE her feel beautiful.

Make her feel beautiful through your actions, especially when she is having a bad day. When she’s sick, has a hangover, isn’t wearing makeup, or is exhausted, let her know and feel how lovely she is in these conditions. It’s not just what you say; it’s how you look at her, treat her, talk to her, and touch her.

Be Straightforward and Honest With Her

Contrary to popular assumption, honesty and displaying affection shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. You will truly demonstrate your love for her only by being completely honest. This will demonstrate that you value her enough, to be honest and straightforward with her.

In addition, honesty is a rare attribute that women greatly value. Being honest with her does not imply that you will harm her feelings. All you have to do is choose your words wisely and respectfully.

Listen to Her

Almost all women want a partner who can listen to them. Several studies have confirmed that females are more attracted to men who listen to them. Most guys know this, but do they truly understand what it means? Often, they misinterpret it.

Sometimes ladies only want someone to listen to their issues, problems, and whatever else they have to say. While women also want to solve their problems, sometimes they just want someone who listens. Make her feel special by giving her your full attention. Take note of her concerns and simply prove to her that you are available when she needs your attention.

how to make a lady feel special

Take Her Out and Give Her Some Excitement and Enjoyment

You shouldn’t stop dating your girlfriend just because you’re now in a relationship. On the contrary, show her how important she is by taking her out on dates regularly. Go to intriguing areas and just have fun.

Show her how much you care by organizing an exciting trip full of surprises and activities. Making a female feel special also implies that you are interested in what she is doing, her hobbies, and her interests. It is not necessary for you to like all of these activities, but she will appreciate it if you are interested in her life.

Kiss Her More Often

It’s something that many couples forget as their relationship progresses. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Kiss her when you greet her, leave her, and at random when you’re together. Not just the lips. Kiss her neck, nose, or even her forehead. Whatever is within reach.

A simple kiss on the cheeks can convey your affection in a strong way. Simply show her how much you care about her with these unexpected actions. And she’d be all over you all the time.

Surprise Her With Unexpected Acts of Kindness

It’s good to show your girl how much you care about her. It’s even better when it’s unexpected. This means surprising her with your attention at unexpected times. Break the conventions of your relationships and show her how special she is when she least expects it.

When she’s preparing dinner, softly grab her by the neck and whisper a comment about her delectable cooking talents into her ear. Whatever you need to do to surprise her and show your affection is good. Send her texts that are unexpected. Breakfast in bed will delight her. Be creative.

Be Vulnerable With Your Lady

Another way to make a lady feel special is by being vulnerable.

Most guys are afraid to acknowledge their weaknesses and flaws. Women know this. However, in long-term relationships, this can appear as a lack of trust in your partner. Allowing her to contribute to your (emotional) life demonstrates your affection. Have the confidence to be yourself, with all your flaws and strengths.

This isn’t about becoming too emotional and complaining about your worst concerns. On the contrary, it’s merely allowing your partner to enter your thoughts. Show her what makes you happy and what annoys or even scares you. Women value this kind of honesty and would rather live with a genuine man with flaws and defects than with someone insincere who wears a mask.

Make Her a Part of Your Life

You can tell her how special she is all you want, but if your actions do not match your words, she will not feel better. Don’t simply tell her she’s unique; demonstrate it by allowing her to become a part of your life.

Demonstrate to her that you are thinking about her while at work. Inform her that you just learned about her favorite musician’s fantastic new song. Remember what she values the most and occasionally surprise her with your knowledge of them.

Be There When She Needs You

In good times, it’s pretty simple to be by her side. But you will genuinely make her feel unique if you are also there for her through moments of extreme sadness and pain. These are the times when she needs you the most, so do everything you can to help her get through them. Lighten her mood, ease her pain, and provide her with the strength she needs to conquer her problems.

Although you might indeed have your problems, there are times you should compromise and let your problems lie for a moment. If you have a good woman, she will reciprocate the energy when she’s in a better place. Never fly it in her face that you have bigger problems or that her problems are not your concern.

Communicate With Your Lady

Communication is key in every relationship. Always try to communicate. And this goes into the little things, such as your plan for the day. You shouldn’t just send random “Good Morning” messages.

Including her in your daily schedule will no doubt make her feel special and involved in your life. Ask her how her day went and if there were any problems or exciting events she encountered. Also, ask about her plans for the day and listen to her rant about it all.

Then watch her treat you like a king in return.

There is no definite guide to making a woman feel special. That’s because all women are different and what ticks for each one differs. However, there are actions that are bare minimum and cut across every woman. If you follow this guide, then you are on your way to making your lady feel special.

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