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Last Updated on December 29, 2022

A graphic designer requires a special blend of imagination, talent, patience, and outstanding communication, all of which require ongoing nurturing to be relevant in the market. Design resources are important for a successful profession and creating a spectacular graphic design portfolio, whether you are reading blogs, watching tutorial videos to learn new shortcuts, or reading up on your favourite designs.

If you are a graphic designer who has your own firm, you should make every financial effort to save money throughout the upcoming year. We’ve put together a comprehensive directory of the top free resources for your next graphic design projects as a service.

We’re talking about the best stock photos and videos that aren’t tacky, illustration templates for when you regrettably can’t afford anything custom, and millions of symbols that can be used for just about any purpose. Free typography is available as well as specialized tools to assist you to finish such ideas. Even recommended free mockups have been supplied by us to help you present your finished work. The dream of every graphic designer.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve taken the time to gather some design inspiration resources, so you’ll have a comprehensive list of respectable websites to visit and peruse if you ever need to spark an idea.

Free Stock Images

1. Unsplash

A welcoming community of photographers powers the stock picture website Unsplash, where they all post free stock images for you to download and use. For any discriminating designer, a requirement.

2.  Burst

Burst is a fantastic tool provided by Shopify that offers you no-cost, high-resolution pictures for your projects. There are many options to play with, including textures and backdrops, and categories like business, sign language, fitness, and beauty.

3. Pexels

We consider Pexels to be one of the top free stock photo websites. It’s also the first to react to current happenings, supplying the photos we might need to highlight our topical initiatives thanks to a community of photographers and videographers who kindly donate their work for everyone to download and use, royalty-free.

4.  StockSnap

StockSnap, which is well-known for providing free stock photos of the highest calibre, has a wide variety of categories to choose from, making it easy for you to get the images you need. While not needed, credit is always appreciated.

5. ISO Republic

ISO is a one-stop shop for all your visual needs, promising tens of thousands of no-cost, high-resolution stock photos and films. Enjoy looking through the numerous categories, which range from people and food to travel and animals.

Free Stock Videos

1. Vimeo

You can download free HD stock videos from Vimeo and use it for whatever you need. It’s a resource made by Phil Fried that has 258 films that approximately 30,000 community members have kindly given.

2. Adobe Stock

The creators of Adobe are offering a respectable collection of free videos with subjects including business, nature, and people. You can also access free stock assets, free motion graphic designs, and more on the Adobe Stock website.

3. Mixkit

Mixkit is a selected collection of excellent videos and animations created by some of the most outstanding creators in the world and is provided to you by Envato. All of the content is freely licensed.

4. Life of Vids

For anyone who can utilize them, including site designers, filmmakers, advertising, agencies, and others, Life of Vids gives free videos. All of them are available for download for both personal and commercial usage, and most of them may be used to create infinite loops.

5.  Coverr

Free stock video footage is provided by Coverr, one of the first websites in this category, as a way of giving back to the artistic community through its top-notch collection of clips. We haven’t found anything to contradict their claim that there are “videos for every need.”

Free Illustrations

1. unDraw

UnDraw, a design initiative by Katerina Limpitsouni, which describes itself as an “open-source illustration for every idea you might envision and make,” is continually updated and has stunning SVG pictures that you can use without paying anything or giving credit. We also like being able to rapidly apply our own hex code to customize the illustrations for our projects.

2. Humaaans

People’s illustrations can be combined with a design library. Pablo Stanley’s incredible resource, which you may use with Blush to make your own compositions.

3. Open Doodles

Open Doodles are a collection of free illustrations that you are free to use whatever you choose without violating any copyright or database laws. Guess what? Pablo Stanley provided yet another timeless resource.

4. Pixabay

In addition to its lovely assortment of free illustrations, Pixabay also offers free stock pictures, vectors, films, music, and sound effects. In our opinion, this website is well worth mentioning. Since its debut, this website has experienced rapid growth. Join the fun by registering and becoming a member.

5. Free Illustrations

This website offers a good collection of free illustrations for designers. It’s a selected website resource to add to your favourites. It includes artworks on topics like footwear and transportation as well as vintage vectors and useful icons.

Free Icons

1. Ionicons

Dedicatedly hand-crafted for usage in web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps are more than 1,300 open-source icons. They were all created by the Ionic Framework team and are all open-source.

2. The Noun Project

The Noun Project, which was co-founded by Sofya Polyakov, Edward Boatman, and Scott Thomas, compiles over two million selected icons made by a worldwide community and made freely usable by designers.

3. Flaticons

Over 2,400 flat icons with different themes that are royalty-free. Even a flat icon creator exists where you may easily generate your own icons.

4. Free Icons

Free Icons claims to have the greatest collection of free icons on the internet and offers anything you could possibly need in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats.

5. Animaticons

Animaticons is a collection of editable, high-resolution animated GIFs. They have a minimal file size, work with all common email clients, cellphones, and browsers, and don’t need any specialized plugins or libraries.

Free Fonts

1. Google Fonts

A large collection of free, open-source web typefaces that designers can use however they see fit. All were produced to the high standards you’d anticipate from the biggest search engine on the planet.

2. Fontfabric

A comprehensive type foundry, FontFabric produces retail typefaces and unique typography for numerous businesses. It also kindly offers a number of free fonts that anyone can download and use. Although we adore Nexa and Mont Blanc, there are many other products to peruse and try on this website.

3. Font Squirrel

There is a “free font utopia” promised if you visit this website. Another large collection of free typefaces that are all available for commercial usage is found at Font Squirrel.

4. MyFonts

MyFonts offers a variety of free fonts that you may download and use for nothing, much like other significant types of businesses. To find what you need, you simply need to do some digging.

5. FontSpace

For your upcoming creative projects, FontSpace offers free downloads of fonts that are duly licensed. The website was established in 2006 and focuses on typography for designers. It has fonts categorized by style. Just be sure to read the fine print before using anything for profit.

Free Colour Tools

1. Kuler

The best resource for everything colour-related is Adobe’s Kuler. You can use it whether you’re trying to choose colours for an existing palette or starting from fresh. You can choose from a variety of analogous, triad, shades, or custom colours by merely dragging the dots around the colour wheel. Kuler will then provide you with the RGB and HEX codes that will enable you to create a work of art.

2. Coolors

Voted on by the creative community, these popular colour schemes are available for you to browse, store, use, and borrow. Not a catch. Payment is not necessary. It’s a truly remarkable group of designers who exchange and create their own creative colour schemes.

3. Khroma

You may create your own colour palette using the AI-based colour tool Khroma. You can save and distribute the palette after you’ve finished creating it. You must choose 50 of your favourite colours for Khroma to function. The AI algorithm that recognises thousands of similar colours is then trained using these colours. Based on your preferences, the model creates an infinite number of colour palette combinations.

4. Colormind

With a few clicks, Colormind enables you to create realistic colours. Its AI enables autonomous style generation based on pre-existing ones. You can give each of the new colours you create variations and textures. For artists who wish to use colour to express themselves, it is the ideal tool.

5. Site Palette

Do you require the necessary colours from a website? With free colour scheme extraction, this browser extension makes it easy to create thorough palettes—a necessary tool for designers and front-end developers.

Free Design Inspiration

1. InspoFinds

This is a website with a stunning design that showcases some of the best innovations available. It’s a veritable curated feast of journalistic pieces, branding projects, and package designs that supports those they highlight and serves as an inspiration for the rest of the creative community.

2. Creative Boom

Our specialized graphic design section at Creative Boom is ideal for everyday inspiration because a substantial portion of our audience at Creative Boom are designers. Here, we present the most recent brand identities, business news, and pertinent books and periodicals.

3. Awwwards

Browse Awwwards’ selection of stunningly designed websites if you need some serious eye candy to spark your imagination. Each website is categorized and graded according to its usability, content, and ingenuity.

4. Behance

The most recent design projects from creative professionals across the world are displayed on Behance, Adobe’s portfolio service for creatives. To really get to the heart of what’s going on, search and filter by creative field, colour, location, or tools.

5. Dribbble

When you need a boost, Dribbble is a fantastic place to find inspiration. You can take pleasure in perusing some of their most recent efforts whenever you choose because this community encourages its members to share their creative work over the site.


Here are just a few tools to help you start thinking beyond the box with your designs. Keep in mind that anyone may produce a beautiful design—you don’t need to be a qualified graphic designer.

Even if you enjoy drawing or making graphics, you still have a chance to be noticed. All you need to know is how to use the right tools and where to get them. You should be aware that training to be a graphic designer might take time, patience, and a commitment to practice. You can attend a design school to study all the ins and outs of designing for the web if you want to learn how to create a website.

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