Can Money Buy Class?

Last Updated on August 26, 2022

Can Money Buy Class

You don’t become more classy by amassing wealth. Although you may be wealthy enough to afford comforts and extras, neither class nor the ability to acquire them are determined by your level of wealth. It’s an old idea to think that getting money immediately gives you class.

Many people I know believe that wealth equates to class. or that being wealthy makes you stand out from the crowd. They overlook the fact that you are exceptional because of your thinking. Even having a lot of money won’t matter if your mind is solely concerned with yourself and your heart is full of filth. As a result, if you think you can use the money to buy a class, think twice.

Your worth as a person is determined by your behaviour and character. Anyone with enough money can purchase any expensive item they want, but positive character traits like chivalry, decency, etiquette, courtesy, manners, class, etc. cannot be purchased with money.

We will see that there are many individuals in the world who do not even have enough to eat each day, let alone have access to luxuries if we take glance around. Additionally, owning expensive items does not elevate one’s worth compared to those who do not. Alas! Today’s basics have undergone incredible alteration. For most people, money is god and more important things are far less significant.

Anyone sporting designer attire or accessorised to the nines can draw attention to some extent, even if they are sulking in a corner. However, the instant a person begins to speak intelligently or express affection for another, they are transformed into someone of true class. If one does not have the correct sought-after attitude, money, clothes, or accessories are of no use.

The proper mindset is important. One’s actions determine their class. Your attitudes and actions simply cannot decompose or expire, although money may. It changes the game. Even if your money causes you to harbour resentment, animosity, or vices, your good acts or karma will prevent you from moving forward. You’ll be able to maintain your position with its assistance. Morals can help us find our way to elegant places in life. And being elegant, my friend is always in style.

God forbid, even if your money disappears, having the correct mindset or doing good things won’t allow you to wither away in isolation. They will serve as your moral compass when you are in need. They teach you your “Class.”

Why Money Can’t Buy You Class

Many of us want financial independence and, beyond that, financial security in the future. We want the type of wealth that allows us to go to far-off locations without worry, support our loved ones, and never have to worry about paying our expenses. So you would assume that wealthy folks would be humble and gracious with such stress-free, well-travelled lives. Studies and firsthand knowledge demonstrate that while money may buy a lot of things, class is something that cannot be purchased.

Any of the “Real Housewives” series are excellent instances of wealthy women who act entitled, whose phoney body parts reveal all about their self-confidence, and who occasionally can be seen fighting one another while rolling around in designer clothes.

There have been many studies done on the subject of why money can’t buy class, so I thought I’d share some of the results so you may be mindful not to fall prey to some of the dangers of joining the 1%.

The risk of being less sympathetic

Numerous studies indicate that people in lower socioeconomic classes tend to rely more on friends, family, and neighbours for assistance with tasks that the wealthy would simply hire people to handle (like child care or a ride to work), which leads to the development of stronger social skills that foster goodwill and empathy.

The underlying assumption is that because riches bring freedom and independence from others, wealthy individuals just don’t care as much about other people’s sentiments. A Berkeley research, for instance, discovered that drivers of expensive cars were more inclined to cut off other drivers than to wait for their turn at the junction.

In a related study, it was discovered that drivers of luxury vehicles were more likely to plough right by a pedestrian who was attempting to cross at a crosswalk, even after making eye contact.

Does this imply that all wealthy people are rude or that driving a Mercedes increases your chances of hitting a helpless pedestrian with your car? No, but this does support the perception that the wealthy have a tendency to feel entitled.

It’s crucial to keep in mind where you came from and how quickly everything may be snatched from you as you work your way to the top. Because we all know that, above and beyond class, money can’t buy you happiness, keeping yourself modest and compassionate will keep optimism around you.

The risk of becoming greedy

The Berkeley study also made reference to the notion that wealthy people support the belief that “greed is good.” Wealthier individuals “were more inclined to agree with claims that greed is justifiable, helpful, and morally defensible,” according to the study. Another intriguing discovery? The wealthiest 20% of Americans donated an average of 1.3% of their income to charity last year.

The bottom 20% of donors contributed 3.2%. Aside from that, hospitals, museums, and Ivy League universities received the largest individual charity donations from the wealthy. No donations were made to a charity that primarily helps the needy. Although I’m sure that many wealthy people donate to those in need, it’s interesting to note that the wealthiest people sponsor initiatives that help the wealthy get even richer.

The risk of weak personal relationships

The rich appear to be considerably more prone to adopt the mindset of initially asking, “What can this person do for me?” during an introduction, despite the fact that it’s crucial to network and surrounds yourself with people whose opinions you trust.

Once more, observe all the housewives. You won’t see them hanging out with their pal who works at Publix bagging groceries; rather, you’ll find them mingling with individuals who claim to be friends but actually despise. What types of relationships are you missing out on by trying to hang out solely with people who are in your economic bracket or make friends only with people who can somehow help you advance your job or social status?

Plus, you never know where someone might be in the future, even if they are not now in a position to help you. Create connections with everyone you feel a connection with, and be willing to lend a hand to those who can’t necessarily lend a hand back to you. It always circles back.

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