Who is a Real Estate Agent?

Last Updated on May 10, 2023

a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a qualified individual who coordinates real estate transactions by connecting buyers and sellers and representing them in discussions. The ability to close a deal determines how much money a real estate agent makes because commissions, which are often a percentage of the property’s purchase price, make up the majority of their compensation. A real estate agent must work for or be associated with a real estate broker (either an individual or a brokerage firm), who is more skilled and has a higher level of licencing.

Typically, they concentrate on either residential or commercial real estate. Whether they work for the buyer or the seller, they each have different responsibilities. Agents that represent the seller, also known as listing agents, give clients advice on how to price a property and get it ready for a sale. They also give advice on quick fixes that can increase the price or prompt quick offers. Agents for the seller publicise the property through networking, listing services, and other means.

Buyer-side agents look for residences that fall within the buyer’s price range and desire list. To help potential buyers come up with a reasonable offer, these agents frequently review historical sales information on comparable properties.

Agents serve as the primary parties’ middlemen, escorting back and forth queries, offers, and counteroffers. Agents on both sides frequently keep working after a bid is approved, assisting their clients with the paperwork, relaying communications, offering guidance on inspections and relocation, and generally guiding the deal through to closure.

It’s critical for customers to understand whether a real estate agent works for the buyer, the seller, or both parties; obviously, this can have a significant impact on the price and other aspects of the deal. State laws govern the legality of “dual agency,” the practice of an agent representing both parties in a real estate transaction. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, agents must identify who they are working for to buyers and sellers.

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Types Of Real Estate Agents And Their Roles

Some agents have extra duties based on their job titles in addition to those mentioned above. Reading about the numerous tasks real estate agents perform and how they help with house buying and selling is the greatest approach to understanding what they do.


A real estate agent who has also passed their brokerage exam is a real estate broker. They have the necessary licences to operate their own business or brokerage. Brokers may be expected to perform more administrative tasks than the average real estate agent.

Buying Agents

A real estate agent who helps a buyer buy a house is known as a buying agent. They concentrate on particular responsibilities including helping clients select a mortgage provider, setting up viewing appointments, and locating possible properties.

Before you start working together as a buyer and buyer’s agent, they’ll typically require you to sign a buyer’s agency agreement. This document outlines the terms of your agreement, the length of time you will work with the buying agent, and the commission they will be paid.

Selling Agents

Real estate agents who help sellers sell their homes are known as selling agents. They have significant responsibilities including arranging for the home sellers’ real estate photographer, producing a virtual tour for the listing, and staging the house.

Dual Agents

In a real estate transaction, a dual agent represents both the buyer and the seller. When the buyer and seller are represented jointly, it might lead to a conflict of interest, which is why this is frequently discouraged. Furthermore, dual agency is forbidden in some states in the US.

How Real Estate Agents Make Money

Traditionally, a commission based on the sale price of the property is given to the agent. An agent earns more money the more the house sells for. However, the conventional payment structure is altering as a result of internet listings enabling consumers to conduct much of their buying independently of an agent.

For more expensive homes, some brokerages offer a reduced commission, and others handle the entire transaction for a flat price that is significantly less than a typical commission. Other businesses use a fee-for-service pricing model that enables sellers to pay only for specific stages of the sale process, such as adding the property to a multiple listing service (MLS).

Skills You Need to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent

Communication Skills

The finest real estate brokers are empathetic and adept at conveying their clients’ interests. Before a contract is written, an agent who has good communication skills can discuss every issue. An agent should be able to negotiate every facet of a deal such that both sides profit once all the specifics have been discussed. Then, a skilled agent knows how to persuade both sides to seal a lucrative contract.

Local Knowledge

Having local knowledge offers you an advantage when it comes to knowing the laws and ordinances that apply in various neighbourhoods and communities as well as the likely worth of a property. Additionally, you want to look into other areas that provide your clients with great real estate prospects.

It’s crucial to gain a thorough awareness of localities and property values in all pertinent places over time. If you are new to a town, spend some time getting to know it before you start working as a real estate agent because it takes time to become well-versed in the area, but it will help you have a successful career.


It takes a lot of time and effort to persuade both parties to agree on terms before they sign a contract when selling or purchasing a home. For this reason, a competent real estate agent never gives up and makes every effort to buy and sell homes. People won’t want to hire a sloppy or careless realtor because purchasing or selling a home or other piece of real estate is a significant decision.


Many real estate brokers who want to succeed in the business fall short in one crucial area: follow-up. It’s essential to follow up on every lead if you want to succeed.

Automation or a system that maintains track of useful leads may be needed for following up on leads. Don’t use notebooks or Post-it notes anymore, and embrace new technologies instead! With the aid of apps placed on a smartphone these days, you can keep track of all pertinent information.

Real estate agents who are successful don’t wait for calls from clients. All meetings, appointments, and viewings are personally monitored by them. Additionally, they are adaptable and will change their timetable at the client’s request.


Real estate agents that love what they do for a livelihood are popular and successful. When showing customers the greatest properties within their price range, you must be passionate about helping people. In order to accommodate, satisfy, and make happy people from all cultures and neighbourhoods, an estate agent also requires respect for diversity. A successful estate agent is never sluggish, angry, or depressed about their work.

Good agents take pride in their appearance and are excited about what they do. They are in the real estate industry to both assist their clients in making profitable real estate investments and to advance their own prosperous real estate careers.

Final Thoughts

I think we now have a better understanding of what a real estate agent does for their clients, and we can see that they do more than just sell or buy houses.

Real estate agents divide their time between tasks that generate income and those that are administrative in nature. Generally speaking, agents can anticipate spending time in the office, meeting with clients, showing homes, and negotiating on behalf of clients on any given day.

However, the majority of agents have a lengthy and diverse list of daily tasks and obligations that can alter with little to no advance notice. The fact that there might not be a normal day in the life of a real estate agent, which many agents find appealing, results in this.

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