Is Education Truly Power?

Last Updated on December 20, 2022

Knowledge is power, as we’ve all heard. Knowledge allows people to develop and think freely while also contributing to the advancement of our common planet. In the last 7 million years, the human species has achieved remarkable development.

We’ve come a long way from being cave living Neanderthals to becoming jet-setting futurists. Are we better off today than we were millennia before, as we prepare to become a planet with 9 billion people? Of course, getting your hands on the essentials of life has never been easier. Our lives have been significantly improved by improvements in shelter, electricity, food, and hygiene. But education is the one thing that distinguishes us from the dumb, that helps us build better communities, develop values, and give us a sense of freedom, and many people throughout the world still lack it.

“The process of obtaining or imparting systematic instruction, typically at a school or university,” according to the traditional definition of education. Education, on the other hand, is much more than that. It is a lifelong learning process that may be obtained at any age and at any location. It is every citizen’s fundamental right since it fosters citizen empowerment and ensures development benefits. Education may be utilised to improve society since it serves to improve the social and economic conditions of society’s underprivileged groups. We become better citizens as a result of education, which teaches us how to conduct ourselves in life by following rules and regulations and instilling in us a sense of morality. It gives us the confidence to go out and attain our goals.

What is the Importance of Education?

True education is to equip students with the knowledge they need to critique systems, form opinions, and even build their character. Education’s goal isn’t just to provide children with the knowledge they need to pass tests; it’s also to help them develop critical thinking abilities that will help them comprehend current events, make career decisions, and become lifelong learners. Education lays the foundation for us to feel secure in our talents and to discover our life’s passions. It also teaches us to stay dedicated and offers us problem-solving skills.

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom; it continues long after we’ve graduated. We all have the potential to gain new knowledge that gives our lives meaning in the profession, social circles, and while pursuing personal hobbies.

The Benefits of Education

It helps you gain personal control of your life

You may not have been born into the life you desire for the rest of your life. That’s when education might come in handy. You give yourself the chance to transform your life for the better by receiving an education. Instead of becoming an entry-level employee, you may progress and become a manager. You may become a CEO or a shareholder and instead of a salary, take home gains at the end of the month. Your entire world can open up and new, exciting personal and professional prospects can emerge over time.

It gives empowerment

Education aids in the transformation of weaknesses into strengths. We gain the confidence to stand up for ourselves as a result of our education. It enhances our decision-making powers, makes us more mobile, and allows us to access social media. Many studies have shown that in nations where women face gender bias, education aided them in overcoming marital violence, improving their decision-making ability, and empowering them to take control of their life.

Creating More Employment Opportunities

Finding a job is difficult, especially during difficult economic times. For a vacant post, you may have to compete with hundreds of other candidates. Furthermore, the lower one’s educational level, the more people apply for the same low-paying entry-level job. You will, however, boost your chances of getting a satisfying career if you have the appropriate qualifications and educational background. Do you want to find a strategy to stand out in a crowd of candidates? Learn, educate yourself, graduate, and obtain as many credentials, skills, information, and experience as you can.

It Boosts Health

Education has the ability to improve our health. Obesity is less common in educated people and their children, according to studies, and they are more likely to live healthy, active lifestyles. According to one study, the health of less-educated individuals is rapidly deteriorating, posing a serious threat to society. People with higher salaries are also able to buy healthier foods, spend more time cooking meals, and exercise.

Education Alone Might Not Be Enough

While education is a truly powerful force, there are other powers that people nowadays are combining with education in order to shape a bright future for themselves and generations after them. Of course, it will not happen overnight, but I hope it will give us the inspiration to work in our communities. These are the powers of creativity, entrepreneurship and intercultural communication.

The power of creativity

Let’s be clear about something. Education is insufficient. Lack of education creates numerous issues, but incorrect education can lead to disasters, as has been demonstrated many times in the past. The major issue with many countries’ educational systems is that youngsters are taught what to think rather than how to establish their own thoughts and question the status quo. Many children memorise dates, dry statistics, and facts without comprehending them or questioning their utility, cause, or consequence.

Having a creative mentality allows youngsters to see the world in new ways, to be open to trying new things and asking questions, and, most significantly, to change people’s perceptions and behaviours in the real world.

More people who are unafraid to question the current quo, examine political institutions both internationally and locally, seek solutions for existing and new problems, and change economies are needed in our global, interconnected world.

The power of entrepreneurship

There is no doubt that instilling entrepreneurship skills in students is critical. Why?

Because entrepreneurs are constantly changing. They bring about genuine development and transformation. They provide people with a sense of purpose and prosperity, and they improve people’s lives and livelihoods on a local and global scale. We must understand in our communities that the power of entrepreneurship combined with economic growth has the potential to determine our future.

For many individuals all across the world, entrepreneurship can be a means out of poverty. We can use it to bring individuals together from various backgrounds who can work together to achieve common goals. It has already been demonstrated in history. Political and social barriers have been broken thanks to the participation of people from many cultures. The crucial word here is collaboration.

We need to teach children how to collaborate rather than compete with one another. As a result, they have sway over the civic, social, and commercial sectors.

The power of intercultural communication

We live in a more interconnected world than ever before. We can now communicate with anyone thanks to new technologies. It brings with it a plethora of opportunities as well as a plethora of obstacles. Many individuals in many nations have access to the internet, but not to education.

Intercultural communication in education is lacking because it is not acknowledged as a critical component of social and economic growth. In today’s global environment, I feel that one of our schools’ primary goals should be to make pupils culturally aware and curious about other cultures. So that children can discover and develop cross-cultural abilities, appreciate diversity and be able to collaborate with individuals from all backgrounds, succeed in life and thrive in their careers, and, last but not least, form a global society.


There is no doubt that education has a positive impact on people’s lives. Education is a mind-expanding gift that may enrich your life and increase your perspectives. It can assist you in breaking into new industries, being taken seriously, and increasing your general confidence.

However, there are still many things to be done to ensure that all students receive a high-quality education. It’s not so much about what to teach people as it is about how to teach them. Teach them how to think critically, be responsible entrepreneurs, and communicate across cultures.
Most essential, we must educate children on how to live life to its utmost potential. They must be aware that they have the ability and responsibility to alter their life and society.

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